What To Do For Customers With Skin Conditions That Don't Eat Numbness?

[Question and Answer] What to do for customers with skin conditions that do not eat numbness?

Two days ago, a new friend in the industry sent to share with Miss Tram that she had a case where the customer had a chance to not eat anesthesia, very quickly released the anesthetic she brewed, what should she do?

Miss Tram asked her process as follows:

▪️ Her first friend is numb
▪️ Can make ½ eyebrows, the customer grimaces in pain, she applies a special numbing layer for a while, then she continues to do it. But the customer complained of pain very quickly after that, so it scared her quite a bit.

Do you have any advice for your family?

Particularly, Miss Tram reminds you of 2 things:

▪️ You need to stay calm in a similar situation
▪️ We invite you to participate in a lecture class on safe anesthesia for cosmetic tattooing customers at Miss Tram Academy.

Miss Tram will share the problem "Safe anesthesia"In-depth for everyone at the earliest opportunity.

I wish you to study better!

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