Before And After 2 . High-Tech Micro-Point Lip Spray

Before And After High-Tech Micro-Spray Lips

Image Results of Micro-Collagen Lip Spray Fixing Dark Lips.

Before: It is easy to see that this female guest's lips are too dark and uneven in color. With the case of dark lips like this, Miss Tram advised customers to use high-tech collagen micro-point lip spray method.

Or: Miss Tram's professional technicians have successfully completed the collagen micro-lip injection process for her. The micro-lip injection method has completely overcome the dark lip condition, giving her a balanced lip with a natural pink color. From now on, you don't need to worry about what lipstick you should wear when you go out.

Below are pictures of the results before and after using her collagen micro point lip spray method.

Before And After 3 . High-Tech Micro-Point Lip Spray
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