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Do I need to paint first when I spray my eyelids?

[Q&A] Do I need to paint first when I spray my eyelids?

When Eyelid Spray Is It Necessary To Draw Before 3

New apprentice of Miss Tram Academy Still wondering about eyelid spraying technique, should I ask the Instructor the following question: "When spraying eyelids, do I need to draw first?"

Let's solve this problem together with Miss Tram guys:

+ For Eyelid Spray, the drawing operation is SHOULD NOT, the reason for:

+ The eyelid spray technique will use an embroidery sprayer with a micro-head and carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid contour area to bring the ink deep into the skin to change the pigmentation of the eyelid area, helping to create the most beautiful eyelid border.

+ If, when performing Eyelid Spray, we draw another line of eyelid spray before overlapping, one of the following cases will occur:

+ The line of eyelid spray will be bigger and rougher than usual because the previously drawn ink makes it difficult for KTV to visualize and thin eyelid contour.

The eyes are inherently a sensitive part of the body, when drawing before the eyelid spray line, customers may DOUBLE your ability or feel tired and uncomfortable during the beauty process.

So, in this case, Miss Tram always reminds her students:

During the learning process, it is necessary to focus on monitoring, meticulously observing each step of the teacher's work and explanations to know how to determine the line of eyelid spray so that WOMEN STANDARD , and FIT Best.

Always spend a lot of time observing, feeling and practicing eyelid spray to become more proficient and confident in this beauty technique.

Those are the notes that Miss Tram Academy has summarized in the hope of helping students and KTV to be more confident in the working process. Any more questions that need to be answered, feel free to send them to Miss Tram Academy's mailbox right away!

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