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What to do when you do not eat local anesthetic when spraying tattoo on customer's skin

In the process of tattooing (eyebrows or lips), it will be difficult to avoid the case that the customer has a skin condition that does not eat numbness. At that time, getting the needle will be quite difficult because the client feels more pain. Encountering this situation, you need to have a quick solution to avoid affecting the customer's psychology as well as the final result.

What To Do When Spraying Tattoos Customers Don't Eat Anesthesia What To Do 4

What To Do When Spraying Skin Without Eating Anesthesia

The role of anesthetic techniques in eyebrow-lip aesthetics

spray tattoo skin without eating anesthetic

Eyebrow - lip aesthetic technologies (embroidery spray, sculpting) are much more modern today with a faster process, better ink colors and a much more elegant and natural look. Especially, eyebrow tattooing - lips No more pain, swelling and taking time to rest like before. However, the basic requirement when performing tattoo spraying still requires the anesthetic process.

+ Note: The Step-by-Step Procedure When Doing Basic Standard Cosmetic Tattooing

Anesthesia when spraying eyebrows - lips will have the following effects:

  • Reduce pain for customers during needle removal
  • Helping customers feel comfortable, psychologically stable so that KTVs can go needles more easily
  • Anesthesia can help the KTV perform accurate ink injection, harmonize contours to bring the best results.

Although anesthesia is a basic step in tattooing, this technique is extremely important because it can affect the results after surgery. Therefore, we need to pay close attention to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

What To Do When Spraying Tattoos Customers Don't Eat Anesthesia What To Do 5

+ Note: Notes on Care of the Tattoo Injector

Anesthesia technique and how to handle customers with skin conditions that do not eat anesthesia

In eyebrow-lip tattooing, each form will have a different anesthetic. Below is the most standard technique, which can help customers feel comfortable during the procedure.

Anesthetize you

Currently on the market there are many different types of numbness for the eyebrows, but you should choose a good one to ensure the safety of your guests and minimize the possible risks. The numbing that the Health allows is 5%, the incubation time lasts about 40 minutes. The numbing products that many cosmetic facilities use will range from 25% to 50%, with a shorter incubation time (about 15-25 minutes depending on the type).

This type of numbing has quick results, but it is easy to cause allergies in some customers who are sensitive to symptoms of heart palpitations, difficulty breathing. In addition, if you choose a low-quality numbing agent, the skin will be tight and slightly shiny, preventing the ink from entering the skin.

Before performing anesthesia, you need to disinfect your eyebrows for effective anesthesia. The eyebrow cream layer will be 1mm thick. After applying, use specialized nylon to incubate.

In case the customer has a skin condition that does not eat numbing, you should use more safe anesthetic (specialized for open wounds). When making eyebrows, we will apply to the skin and leave for about 2 minutes. If the client no longer feels the burning, the numbing has worked.

spray tattoo skin without eating anesthetic

+ Note: Cases in which cosmetic tattooing should not be applied

Lip balm

When numbing the lips, you need to clean your lips thoroughly, as well as exfoliate before. The skin on the lips is very delicate, so we have to apply a layer of Vaseline around. This step will limit the case of numbness.

After applying the numbing pad to your lips, you will cover it with plastic and wait for about 10-15 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect. Just like you, if the client still feels pain, they need to apply a safe anesthetic for about 2 minutes. Note, do not overuse numbness because it can affect the ink color.

Above are some experiences to handle the case of customers who do not eat numbness when tattooing. Miss Tram Academy I wish you success in handling these errors.

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