Thematic Tattoo and Lip Sculpting Training Course
Thematic Tattoo and Lip Sculpting Training Course

Learn Tattoo Spraying, Lip Sculpting According to Specific Topics

Your orientation is to develop expertise for the area of ​​injection, lip sculpting. Therefore, you are looking for a vocational course that specializes in lips only from basic to advanced.

But in fact, the current market of cosmetic tattoo spray training is mostly full-service training, finding a spa course that both teaches on demand and ensures quality is not easy.

After nearly 20 years of operation in the cosmetology - beauty industry, understanding the diverse needs of trainees, Miss Tram Academy officially launched a thematic tattoo spray and lip sculpting training course. Please refer.

Learn Tattoo Spray, Lip Sculpting According to Specific Topics 6

Teaching Tattoo Spraying, Lip Sculpting According to the required topics

Miss Tram Academy organizes a course of tattooing and lip sculpting based on specific needs. Students can choose all or remove some items of the standard curriculum at Miss Tram Academy.

The training items for tattooing and lip sculpting usually include:

  • Basic lip shapes.
  • General theoretical knowledge about tattooing, lip sculpting: concepts, objects of application, frequently asked questions...
  • The necessary tools and tools to learn tattooing and lip sculpting.
  • Safety and hygiene at work.
  • Lip balm technique.
  • Standard ink formula for each type of lip, each skin type, how to tone and increase lip color.
  • Methods of tattooing, lip sculpting:
    • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips.
    • Spray the Queen's lips.
    • Spray Lips Stem Cells.
    • Spray Ombre lips.
    • Spray Lip Collagen 3D.
    • Bio Cell Plasma 4.0 lip spray.
    • Spray lips NanoCell Lasma.
    • Spray Nano P'Cell Lips.
    • Spray lips 8D P'Cell.
    • Micro-touch lip spray.
    • Spray Crystal Lips.
    • Nano lip spray.
    • Spray soot lips.
    • Micro-lip sculpt.
    • Collagen crystal lip sculpture.
    • Stem cell lip sculpting.
    • Sculpting the Queen's lips.
    • Lightlip lip spray technique.
  • Techniques to shape beautiful lips.
  • Perform anti-darkening lip spray without color.
  • Spray anti-dark lips in combination with color.
  • Medicines to use after spraying lip tattoo.
  • Common technical errors and how to handle them…

Learn Tattoo Spray, Lip Sculpting According to Specific Topics 7

* Note:

  • In addition to the above reference program, students can request training in any topic related to tattooing, lip sculpting.
  • The practical curriculum will be designed based on the subject required by the student and the student's knowledge base.
  • Tuition fees depend on the type of subject, the number of topics, and the duration of the training.
  • Students can register for each individual topic, in a topical group or a full package of cosmetic tattoo spray courses.

Benefits When Choosing the Training Course for Tattooing, Lip Sculpting as required by Miss Tram Academy

Miss Tram Academy is the leading cosmetic tattoo training school in Ho Chi Minh City. With the field of cosmetic tattoo spray training, Miss Tram Academy is committed to effective training - meeting the output requirements.

The fact that Miss Tram Academy deploys a tattoo spray and lip sculpting course on demand creates conditions for students to develop themselves with their own oriented profession.

Choosing to study at Miss Tram Academy, what benefits do students get?

  • The curriculum is closely related to the topic, closely related to reality.
  • Taught by a team of experts, good instructors - graduated from the most professional cosmetology courses, highly skilled and experienced. Teaching experience in cosmetology.
  • Lecturer holding hands - committed to effective training on the subject of tattooing, lip sculpting required by students:
  • Instructors carefully manipulate for students to observe and follow themselves, doing wrong will be corrected until they do well.
  • Any practice that is not good, students are accompanied until they are proficient before moving on to the next lesson.
  • The course route is designed with the right focus, optimizing time with 80% practice hours. Practice samples are real samples and are sponsored by the center.
  • With a professional scale, Miss Tram Academy has modern facilities that keep up with the trend - ensuring the training takes place in the best environment.
  • Friendly learning environment, exchanging, sharing and answering questions continuously.
  • Miss Tram Academy has many valuable scholarships for students applying for tattoo spray and cosmetic sculpting courses.
  • Have the opportunity to work with high salary at Miss Tram, or be introduced to good jobs at spa facilities, beauty salons...
  • Reasonable tuition fees, often with incentives at the beginning of the month, Tet holidays ... (updated on offers on the center's fanpage and website).
  • Sharing experiences of opening spas, consulting customers, solving crises...

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With a large number of students being trained every year, Miss Tram Academy proud to bring strong human resources to the spa field in general and cosmetic tattoo spray in particular.

Please Contact Miss Tram Academy to arrange an interview and get advice on your study path. Good luck!

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