Learn about the hottest skin care profession today 2

Learn About The Hottest Skin Care Profession Today

Skin Care – Beauty is never out of date.

In the past few years, the beauty spa industry has created HOT to stir up the beauty market because many young people just need to "INVEST IN LEARNING ONCE - HUGE INCOME FOR LIFE”, this is also a “persistent” industry over time because the beauty needs of each person have only increased, but have not shown any signs of cooling down.

Learn about the hottest skin care profession today 3
So let's see what caused the fever on such a large scale!

Short study time

– Instead of taking 4 years to graduate from university to apply for a job, you just need to spend 3 to 4 months to study beauty spa.

– The time to get out of the profession is early, but the skills are sure, the proficient knowledge has helped many young people pursue their dreams and have been successful.

Stable job & income

After graduating from the Skin Care Spa course with good skills, you will always be welcomed with a very good regime and treatment, starting at 8-15 million VND. The higher the expertise, the more suitable the position and salary, not to mention you can master the business model with huge profits!

Beautify yourself and everyone

With the knowledge and understanding of beauty, comprehensive skin care will help you have a vibrant skin, a healthy body, thereby applying practical experience to give advice, care and treatment. Appropriate treatment for customers, spreading the spirit of "knowing yourself - taking care of beauty" to everyone around.

Come to Miss Tram now to make your dreams come true!

  • Experienced classroom instructors, holding hands to ensure 100% of graduates have jobs at Spa or own Spa.
  • Over the past 17 years, the curriculum has been continuously improved, according to the CREDIT COURSES mechanism to ensure that students follow the course from beginning to end.
  • Learning goes hand in hand with Onion, direct practice instruction on the center's sample with up to 80% of the time to ensure PROFESSIONAL during and after the course.
  • Have the right to take the graduation exam of LEGENDARY PRINCIPAL VOCATIONAL CERTIFICATE, MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to ensure, use peace of mind to register for Legal business.
  • Standard classrooms: clean, airy, fully equipped with equipment, carefully checked before each course.

Don't hesitate to join the Skin Care Course to satisfy your passion and earn a high income in life with Miss Tram!

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