Course: Back Acne Treatment – ​​Effective Folliculitis

Course: Back Acne Treatment – ​​Effective Folliculitis

(Learn to treat back acne) Is back acne really easy to treat? How to treat folliculitis completely? All the knowledge, secrets, and treatments for back acne and folliculitis will be shared in the course below.

Course: Back Acne Treatment – ​​Effective Folliculitis

(Compile the curriculum according to the needs of the students.)

Most skin care courses usually focus on facial skin problems without delving too deeply into back acne - folliculitis. Therefore, for those who want to specialize in this skin condition, the course at the request of Miss Tram Academy is the ideal choice.

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves?  Back Acne Treatment Course - Effective Folliculitis What's at Miss Tram Academy? What is the content, form, and tuition fee? Let's find out together.

Who Is The Course For?

  • As a spa practitioner, want to learn deeply about back acne and folliculitis.
  • As a skin care specialist, want to update knowledge - treatments for back acne, folliculitis.
  • As a spa owner, cosmetic shop owner, want to know more about acne, folliculitis and effective treatments.
  • As a customer, want to understand about acne, folliculitis to best care - prevent - treat skin.

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Anyone, if there is a need to learn packages, individually or update knowledge as required, Miss Tram Academy will exchange and compile appropriate curriculum. Guaranteed save time - optimize costs - provide knowledge that students need.

Required Contents of the Course

1. Knowledge about back acne, folliculitis

Statistics from page everydayhealth said: Among people with acne, there are 92% rate of acne on the face and 60% rate of acne on the back. This proves that back acne is as common as facial acne. 

Acne, folliculitis also has many levels. Therefore, in the course at Miss Tram Academy, students will be thoroughly trained in:

  • Skin structure and function.
  • Classification and appropriate care for each skin type (oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin).
  • Causes of back acne, folliculitis.
  • Acne-prone skin areas – folliculitis (chest, back, limbs, buttocks).
  • Distinguish common types of acne and folliculitis (whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, inflammatory acne, cystic acne, folliculitis).
  • Steps to clean, exfoliate the body skin standard Spa.
  • Mask formula for acne-prone skin, folliculitis effectively.
  • Principles when taking care of skin with acne, folliculitis.

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2. Back acne treatment – ​​folliculitis 

To effectively remove back acne, folliculitis, it is necessary to choose the right method for the right skin condition. The course will provide detailed training on the steps from examination to appropriate treatment:

  • How to effectively scan the skin with a skin analyzer.
  • How to consult, find out the cause of back acne, folliculitis exactly.
  • Skill in formulating appropriate treatment regimens for each skin condition and level.
  • Techniques to get acne (suction, squeeze, peel) properly, painless.
  • Effective treatments for back acne - folliculitis:
Back acne treatment - folliculitis training content
Omega Light Biological Light Therapy Knowledge of each treatment method:

  • Therapeutic use.
  • Mechanism of action and effectiveness.
  • Pros/cons.
  • Acne, folliculitis is suitable.
  • How to choose and use tools/products/machines.
  • Implementation process.
  • Pay attention to skin care after the procedure.

– Practice on models and real samples.

Nonmetal Stem Cell Therapy
Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment
  • How to choose suitable bath and special treatment products in the process of treating acne, folliculitis.

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Time – Format – Tuition

The Course of Treatment of Back Acne - Effective Folliculitis is opened at the request of students so:

  • Content is compiled according to learning needs.
  • Time is arranged according to the student's schedule.
  • Tuition fees depend on the duration and sessions.
  • The full tuition package includes practical tools, practice samples, no other additional fees during the course of study.

Miss Tram Academy is committed to providing detailed courses upon request, No job marks, no lengthening of study time, guaranteed to compile the most selective curriculum for students.

Why should you choose to study at Miss Tram Academy

During 18+ years of providing spa services and training, Miss Tram Academy has successfully "shipped" hundreds of courses. Miss Tram's team constantly strives to perfect the curriculum, ensuring that students are equipped with the most standard knowledge and skills.

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Miss Tram Academy's commitments:

  • The teaching staff are all experts in the profession, with high professional competence, good pedagogical skills.
  • The curriculum is selective, practical, and meets the needs of students.
  • Intuitive teaching method, teachers follow up and ready to support.
  • The learning environment is airy, comfortable and fully equipped for practice.
  • Students practice regularly with real models and models under the supervision and guidance of teachers.
  • Exams and practice certificates are organized according to the standards of the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs.

* The remaining course integrating soft skills in the beauty industry, helping students have style - attitude - good working spirit, confidence provide services to customers immediately after leaving the profession.

If you have questions about the courses at Miss Tram AcademyPlease contact us immediately for the fastest advice!

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