miss tram professional spa course

Professional Spa Course – Big Deal in December at Miss Tram


Are you ready to receive a rain of gifts when you sign up for the key Skin Care in Miss Tram Academy yet?

  • Direct 30% discount on tuition fees.
  • Offer 2 specialized courses: Make Rose Nipples , and Feng Shui Orientation in Cosmetic Tattooing.
miss tram professional spa course
Special offer for professional Spa course in December 12
Tuition discount up to 30%
Offering a feng shui orientation course
Offering a course to make rose nipples

Over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry, the team Miss Tram Academy constantly studying and researching to perfect the curriculum for the course Skin Care, suitable for:

  • People who do not know anything want to go to work as a Spa - beautify people.
  • People who have worked at Spa want to standardize / expand their professional knowledge of skin care & treatment.
  • Those who want to have enough legal qualifications / certificates to open their own Spa.

Students will receive SUPER BENEFITS when participating in the course:

  • Learn basic and professional skin care knowledge from a team of experienced instructors.
  • Closely tutored, guided practice on the sample with 80% of the time, ensuring PROFESSIONAL during and after the course.
  • Get the right to graduate Formal Vocational Beginner Certificate, Medical Certificate to ensure, peace of mind to use for legal business registration.
  • Study in a modern environment, comfortable facilities, advanced machinery and technology.
  • Participating in spa workshops, dealing with situations, and effective Spa business secrets.
  • If your skin is not beautiful, after the course, you will be given a free skin beauty regimen to help you be more confident about your skin.
  • Support to introduce jobs as consultants, technicians at Spas with stable income.

Đặc biệt: Practice transferring technologies Acne treatment, melasma, freckles, skin regeneration ... committed to high efficiency.

>>> View course details at: https://bit.ly/3stFU3l

Pick up the phone and call the Hotline 1900 7018 or #IBX fanpage for the fastest course advice.

The program applies from1/12/2021 – 31/12/2021.

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