Full Set of Secrets of Performing Hair Removal Treatments for Customers

Collection of Knowledge from AZ During Hair Removal for Customers

Own skin Bright white, smooth, clean Violin there will be no more difficulties because there are HAIR REMOVAL TECHNOLOGY modern. KTVs, please refer to the following article to understand the knowledge in the hair removal process!

Cleanse the Treatment Area

  • First, wipe the treatment area with a cold towel, and then use a specialized epilator. After shaving, clean the shaving area and prepare to apply the gel.
knowledge a - z hair removal process
Cleanse the Skin Needed Hair Removal

Apply Gel on the Skin Needed Hair Removal

  • Apply light-transmitting gel and protect the skin. The gel has the effect of lubricating, cooling and conducting light from the treatment machine to the skin to be removed.
knowledge a - z hair removal process
Apply Gel on the Skin Needed Hair Removal

Tailored Wavelength and Energy to Customer

  • With each different body hair removal position, the same hair types according to the body will have to adjust the energy accordingly to be effective and safe.
knowledge a - z hair removal process
Adaptive Wavelength Adjustment

Cleanse Gel Area Just Finished Skin

  • Clean the specialized gel, dry the treatment area for the customer. In addition, KTV should pay attention to the customer after hair removal for the most effective treatment.
knowledge a - z hair removal process
Cleanse Gel Area Just Removed Hair

Above are the knowledge about hair removal for that Miss Tram Academy synthesized with practical experience, hope that the KTV will bring customers the hair removal process with the most satisfaction!

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