Which Eyebrow Style Will Disappear This Year 5

Which Eyebrow Style Will Disappear This Year

Beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving. Along with the appearance of new beauty trends is the disappearance of beauty trends that once stormed on famous beauty sites and forums. The eyebrows, too, are one of the facial parts that are very noticeable because of its importance. A pair of eyebrows with a suitable face shape like a golden key helps your face become bright and attractive.

Therefore, makeup trends for eyebrows are always changing. In recent years, the throne of the meticulously cared for eyebrow style, but with the natural trend this year, this eyebrow style is no longer suitable and is expected to disappear in the year. this.

Learn Current Eyebrow Trends

The importance of eyebrows

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A beautiful eyebrow determines 80% of the overall face, helping to shape the contours from which the face becomes sharper and more harmonious. A beautiful eyebrow with the right shape will help your beauty increase a lot.

That's why girls who are not lucky enough to own a thick eyebrow have to spend time learning how to draw the most accurate eyebrows. And then it takes tens of minutes a day to take care of and meticulously line the eyebrows before going out. That's how important eyebrows are.

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And if you still don't believe it, try applying lipstick, powdering your face with a pale eyebrow and looking in the mirror yourself. Make sure you don't dare look twice.

Last year was the throne of "Instagram eyebrows"

As a girl, there are two must-haves: lipstick and eyebrow pencil. Also because of the importance of eyebrows, during the past decades, the throne has been replaced by newer, more trendy eyebrow styles.

There are times when you will see thin eyebrows that are very popular, and there are times when dark eyebrows like caterpillars take the throne. In previous years it was Korean eyebrows until last year, "Instagram eyebrows“had a strong explosive year.

eyebrow trend this year

“Instagram eyebrows” This is the type of eyebrow that is very popular on the social networking site Instagram, with the hashtag #eyebrowsonfleek (perfect eyebrow) referring to the high, thick, sharp slanted eyebrows that beauty influencers compete to promote.

Although there are still new eyebrow trends that appear to be small, "Instagram eyebrows” is still the eyebrow trend that has the strongest influence on the beauty community.

Which Eyebrow Style Will Disappear This Year 6

To have a perfect eyebrow, each eyebrow stroke must be carefully and meticulously cared for to every millimeter, must be highlighted in the right place. Besides, your natural eyebrows also need to be neatly trimmed, the stray eyebrows need to be cleaned, making the eyebrow drawing process take a lot of time.

You can easily find videos on how to draw a perfect eyebrow on beauty sites and forums.

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This year, "Instagram eyebrows" have also reached the end of time and disappeared

It takes time to get a perfect eyebrow, but the results only make your face look older, stiffer and heavier. That is to see, being too perfect does not make your face perfect.

Along with the growing and changing trend, the appearance of a new trend is also the bell signaling the end of the old trends.

And 2019 is the time to expire and disappear.Instagram eyebrows” and in its place is the throne of genuine, natural eyebrows.

Which Eyebrow Style Will Disappear This Year 8

Along with the natural trend to the throne, natural eyebrows also become a new trend. No longer have to spend too much time painting a perfect eyebrow, now, you just need to add gentle lines to the eyebrows to help shape and create the right shape. Your face also becomes more elegant and gentle.

Which Eyebrow Style Will Disappear This Year 9

This trend is also a good sign for girls with bold eyebrows, because there is no need to be meticulous, you just need to neatly trim the eyebrows that deviate from the original shape, you have caught up with the trend. It's a new direction.

As for girls with thin and pale eyebrows, you don't have to feel insecure about bold eyebrows because you are following the natural eyebrow trend. You just need to use a pencil to define and define your eyebrows.

The disappearance of beauty trends that have been storming for a long time is the current inevitable rule. If you are too bored with having to paint your eyebrows every day, you can use current eyebrow cosmetic technologies such as spraying, embroidery and especially eyebrow sculpting. With eyebrow sculpting technology, it will give you a natural, harmonious eyebrow that is very suitable for this year's beauty trend.

Currently, at Miss Tram Academy There are training courses on spraying, embroidery, eyebrow sculpture, you can refer to here.

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