The Most Economical Safe Beauty Business and Management Experience

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Miss Tram Academy is not only a place to transmit the profession for students to gain knowledge and skills in the field of beauty, but it also advises and shares experiences in management - aesthetic business in a scientific way, Safest and most economical based on valuable lessons learned from our 17+ years in the beauty industry.

Here are a few practical experiences that Miss Tram wants to share so that you have more knowledge before embarking on this business:

1. Understanding Spa and the type of Spa that I will do business

– To run a successful business, you first need to have knowledge of the spa and the type of investment you will invest in. This is the factor that determines 90% of the success or failure of the business.

2. Make a detailed and effective spa business plan

– You need to have a detailed, clear business plan, concretized in numbers so that it can be easily measured, evaluated and controlled.

3. Build a professional staff and manage spa activities effectively

– For the service industry in general and aesthetics in particular, the staff is the face, the person who connects customers and makes the first impression with customers. So the human factor is extremely important.

4. Always hone skills, technology, update and capture the latest beauty trends

- "Master yourself, master the enemy". Must know how to update and keep up with the latest beauty trends, the higher the chance of success will be.

Above are the sharing based on the experience of Miss Tram. How about you? If you also have questions and concerns about the cosmetic field, don't hesitate to #comment or send it to Miss Tram right away!

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