Experience Using And Maintaining Eyelash Extension Glue For KTV 2

Experience Using And Maintaining Eyelash Extension Glue For KTV

Eyelash extension glue is an extremely important ingredient that contributes to a beautiful and durable set of eyelashes. However, many "rookie" KTVs still do not know how to properly preserve, in some cases for various reasons, the glue jars dry, "downhill" in quality or worse, cannot be used after only a few days.

Experience Using And Maintaining Eyelash Extension Glue For KTV 3

Experience Using And Maintaining Eyelash Extension Glue For KTV

To use the correct eyelash extension glue, KTV should note:

  • First, you should pay attention to the humidity in the room, if the humidity is low, you must increase it (if possible, you should equip a humidity measuring device in the room, the ideal humidity of the eyelash extension room is from 40 to 70). %).
  • When taking the glue, pay attention not to squeeze the glue bottle because when the air is removed, the glue will quickly deteriorate, only take a small amount of eyelash extension glue (after 20-30 minutes, change the glue / time).
  • Clean the neck of the glue bottle after taking it so that the glue does not clog.

How to store eyelash extension glue safely:

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. When used, the glue bottle should not be left in the refrigerator, but should be in a desiccant bag or in a rice jar.
  • Do not let the eyelash extension glue stick to the top of the glue bottle, it will cause stickiness and clumps that prevent you from closing the lid of the glue bottle tightly.
  • Close the cap quickly after each time you open it, close it tightly by turning the screw on the cap of the glue bottle.
  • In case the glue is frozen in the glue bottle path. KTV takes water to wash AD1 tools with a toothpick and clears the blockage, cleans the area around the top of the glue bottle and in the lid of the glue bottle to close the glue bottle like new.
  • Absolutely do not let water, other solutions flow into the glue bottle.

With the above methods and knowledge, the KTV eyelash extension lock has more useful tips, making the learning and working process much more convenient.

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