Revealing 4 Successful Customer Consulting Experiences 1

Revealing 4 Successful Customer Consulting Experiences

The core factor that determines the position and reputation of a spa facility is service quality and customer service attitude. In which, "customer consultation" is always the biggest deciding factor, no matter how big or small your spa is.

A professional KTV will master all the essential skills, however, in order for a New KTV Spa to become familiar with this skill, it is necessary to "absorb" immediately 4 consulting experiences that Miss Tram Academy reveal below!

Successful Customer Consulting Experience

Revealing 4 Experiences to Help You Consult Successful Customers

1. Deep understanding and wide knowledge of the cosmetology industry

No one will dare to trust or listen if a spa KTV cannot smoothly advise customers on standard products, services or procedures. Therefore, each new spa KTV needs to constantly learn and update the knowledge of health and beauty products and master the theory, understand the services, methods or pages that your spa is doing.

2. Warm attitude, welcome customers

No matter how fastidious customers are, they must be captivated if they step into the spa and receive your warm, friendly and enthusiastic welcome. A bright smile will bring a positive, happy atmosphere and you will also be more accessible to customer advice.

3. Show concern for the guest's condition

+ Each customer coming to your spa must have a unique problem. Talking intimately, gently, listening to guests' stories will make them feel more secure.

+ A principle is always true for many fields, that is, customers with conditions will care about service quality, customers who do not have much money will often care more about price. Therefore, it is necessary to balance to advise the most suitable price and package for customers

+ Should keep in mind some characteristics and stories of guests to be able to advise and greet guests in the next meeting. Guests will be extremely pleased if they see you still remember them!

Successful Customer Consulting Experience

4. Arrange appointments with guests skillfully

Time is more precious than gold and silver, therefore, cleverly remind guests of their appointments so that they arrive on time, avoiding affecting the following guests. Can send phone messages, emails with reminders 3-5 hours before the appointment, for guests to arrange and also avoid bothering guests much.

With these 4 experiences, the Tan KTV Spa will surely recruit more potential customers!

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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