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Customer Care Skills After Lip Cosmetology

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Customer Care Skills After Lip Cosmetology 3

Taking care of the lips after cosmetic surgery is also an important step for customers to have beautiful lips with satisfactory color. Therefore, experts need to know the secrets to advise customers.

Note when cleaning lips:

  • After spraying your lips, you may feel that your lips are a little tight. However, this is quite normal. You don't need to worry because this feeling will go away about 2 hours later. Always clean your lips before applying ointment or cream.
  • Before eating you should apply a thick layer of ointment to protect the lips. Wipe your lips with a damp cloth after eating and drinking and apply a new layer of balm.
  • If you see a yellow discharge, use a paper towel to dry it
  • Keep the lip spray area limited to contact with water for the first 2 days.
  • After about 2-4 days, the lips begin to peel off the outer layer. Absolutely do not use your hands to pull the peeling skin, you just need to apply moisturizer to soften and apply moisture to make the lips peel off naturally.
  • Try to keep the toothpaste off your lips for the first few days.
  • Do not bleach teeth immediately after recovery

If after 3,4 or XNUMX days your lips still feel swollen or painful, contact a specialist immediately to determine the cause.


Because the lips and oral cavity directly affect the process of receiving food, to ensure the cleanest and safest lips after spraying, please note to guests that:

  • Eat porridge or soft foods for the first 3 days, then switch to normal rice. Or if your lips have stabilized, you can still eat rice.
  • Abstain from eating fishy foods such as chicken, seafood, sticky foods, too sweet foods, hot spicy foods, water spinach, beef... because it will affect the tattooed lip area.
  • Drink lots of cool foods such as coconut water, oranges, lemons... which contain a lot of water and a rich source of vitamins to help the lip area heal faster.
  • Do not drink coffee, alcoholic substances, black ...

Good luck to everyone studying and working!

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