Using the App (App) Draw Eyebrows According to the Best Golden Ratio 4

Using the App (App) Draw Eyebrows According to the Best Golden Ratio

Using the App: Technique App Drawing Standard Eyebrow according to the Golden Ratio of the Face

Using the App (App) Draw Eyebrows According to the Best Golden Ratio 5

To help you spray embroidery, finish sculpting beautifully and in harmony with the customer's face, the KTV must understand the technical steps of measuring the app, drawing the most standard form. The standard here is that we must know how to align according to the ratio of the face, so that we can meet the aesthetic factor and suit each person.

Using the App (App) Draw Eyebrows According to the Best Golden Ratio 6

Shape your eyebrows according to each face

Using the App (App) Draw Eyebrows According to the Best Golden Ratio 7

Eyebrow sculpting spray embroidery course mainly uses modern technologies to put ink into the skin according to a predetermined shape. If you have a beautiful and suitable eyebrow shape, you have successfully done 50% with this cosmetic method.

Currently on the market there are many different eyebrow models such as Korean horizontal eyebrows, Western tilde eyebrows, Eastern willow leaves, etc. You own the face, so your shape can decide a lot. to a person's appearance. You need to understand that, depending on each different face shape, we will have suitable eyebrow styles.

Therefore, no matter what shape the market is in, you should not follow the trend but rush for your customers. Take a look at the overall face of the customer to determine which is the best eyebrow shape, then discuss with the customer to find the standard and most satisfactory form for them.

+ Note: How to Choose & Draw Eyebrow Shapes That Fit Each Face, Skin Color

Here are suggestions on how to choose eyebrows to suit each specific face shape that you can refer to:

– If the customer has an oval face, you can advise on making any eyebrow shape, because this is a face with standard proportions, suitable for many styles.

eyebrow drawing app technique

– If the customer has a round face with arc-shaped forehead, cheekbones, chin and jawbones, they should choose one of the eyebrow shapes such as slightly curved (but not too long) eyebrows, tongue-shaped eyebrows. Marks, eyebrows with ^, semicircular eyebrows.

Square-faced people often show personality but lack tenderness and femininity. If you want to balance this face shape, please advise the customer to make a semicircle shape. This eyebrow will help the lines on the guest's face softer and more elegant.

– In case the customer has a long face with sunken cheekbones, an imbalance between the length and width ratio, choose a horizontal eyebrow shape. Horizontal eyebrows will help the face look fresh, full of life and more prominent.

– There are also many cases where the customer has a triangular face with a wide jawline and narrow cheekbones. In this case, the most suitable eyebrow shape is only slightly curved. This eyebrow shape will help the face to be softer, less dry and heavy.

+ Note: To Have Beautiful And Durable Sculpted Eyebrows What Customers Need To Know?

Due to the app, how to draw eyebrows?

When determining the right eyebrow shape for the customer, the next step will be to align to the eyebrow shape. Currently, eyebrow embroidery is simpler because we have supporting tools such as measuring tape, specialized molds. Just choose the right mold, you can step by step follow those preset lines.

eyebrow drawing app technique

In case you want to align the standard and most beautiful eyebrow shape, master the following techniques:

Step 1: First of all, you should mark your eyebrows at 3 points, including: Head, Peak, Tail. To be accurate, use the aligner according to the instructions below:

  • From the tip of the nose, measure perpendicular to the top of the eyebrow called the eyebrow tip
  • From the tip of the nose measuring diagonally to the heart of the pupil is the top of the eyebrow
  • From the side of the nose, measuring diagonally to the edge of the eye is the end of the eyebrow tail

We convert the distances between points as follows: Distance from Head -> Peak = 2/3; distance from Peak -> Tail is 1/3

Step 2: Draw eyebrows

  • Start from one eyebrow first with the tip of the eyebrow remaining, just flicking the ink strokes
  • Align the distance between the two eyebrows compared to the bridge of the nose ranging from 2-2.5cm
  • Draw light eyebrows, harmonize and then bold
  • Then draw the same with the other side

+ Note: What is the best time of day to get a tattoo?

Note: A beautiful eyebrow must meet 3 shades: Light head, Dark middle, Medium Dark tail.

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