Lip Correction Techniques - Standard Lip Contour 2

Lip Correction Techniques – Standard Lip Contouring

|Discussion| Lip Correction Techniques - Standard Lip Contouring

Lip Correction Techniques - Standard Lip Contour 3

With 17 years of beauty experience, millions of lips come to Miss Tram with different lip shapes. What technique must be used to correct the lips and lip lines to suit and harmonize with the customer's face? Miss Tram will immediately share in the following article for students to consult and contribute ideas:

Lip contour shaping:

  • Two uneven lips: choose one side as the standard, fix the other side.
  • Lips are too thin: go out about 1mm, so that the lips are fuller and more balanced.
  • Lips are too thick: go in about 0.8-1mm for compact lips, don't cheat too much will not be beautiful, unnatural.
  • Lips too dark: dark treatment before spraying color.

+ The angle of the injector: the holding position must be steady, the needle tip is perpendicular to the skin surface, so the skin surface will be less damaged, reducing pain and swelling after spraying.

+ The force of the injector: the force must be even, do not go too fast. If you go too fast, when you finish spraying, it will be pale or no color. If the ink has not been absorbed and wiped, it is difficult to eat the color. Going too fast will cause serious damage to the skin, blood will hide under the skin, making the color after peeling off in dark and light places.

+ “The depth of the needle” – Miss Tram leaves it to you to review and practice!

Good luck with your studies everyone!

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