Before And After The Queen's Eyebrow Sculpting Results At Spa

Compare Before And After Pictures Of Eyebrow Beauty Sculpting At Spa.

Before: Many years of work, Miss Tram has received countless beauty cases for different eyebrows. In particular, the eyebrows that lack the head and have a mold, an uneven shape like this customer's account for a lot.

Or: To overcome the disadvantages of her eyebrows, Team Miss Tram consulted and helped her beautify with natural fiber sculpting technology. Expert in shaping eyebrows according to the GOLDEN RATE suitable for the face. Then, proceed to meticulously sculpt each strand on the skin interwoven with real eyebrows to keep the natural look. Your new eyebrows look really well-balanced with all bold and neat strands, don't they? 

Check out her pictures below!


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