Safe and Accurate Pimple Removal Technique For KTV 2

Safe and Accurate Pimple Removal Technique For KTV

Pimples, pustules are one of the most dangerous types of acne that need to be handled and cared for properly to avoid spreading bacteria, making the skin condition worse. Taking this acne core requires high technique and accuracy, let's KTV follow this article to pocket for yourself the secret of getting the right acne core!

Safe and Accurate Pimple Removal Technique For KTV 3

3 Safe and Accurate Pimples Techniques For KTVs Should Know

Preparation stage

You can use your hands or a holly or gloves for this. If using your hands, you should wrap a medical bandage around your finger to ensure sterility and a light step to avoid damaging the surrounding skin.

Carry out squeezing acne

– Use the needle of the acne tree to lightly prick the tip of the acne to create holes for the stem and pustules to come out (note not to rub the acne with your hands, to avoid causing pain and swelling).

- The next step is to take two index fingers and gently press on the skin around the acne until the pus comes out, the therapist should squeeze out the pus and blood inside the acne to avoid recurrence.

The stage after squeezing acne

- When the acne has been treated, you need to disinfect the customer's skin, use a cotton swab dipped in povidine solution and wipe the acne that has just been squeezed. and wash your face with water

– KTV can use some types of anti-inflammatory and soothing masks such as: oats, turmeric, honey… after squeezing to help soothe the skin, reduce redness and swelling.

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