European Standard 3D Lip Spray Technique 1

European Standard 3D Lip Spray Technique

How is the European Standard 3D Lip Spray Technique?

3D lip spray has the ability to create sharp contours, and create a multi-dimensional impact with the most beautiful and natural colors. This is a new technology, which is loved by many women because it brings attractive, outstanding lips from every angle. Spraying 3D lips is also a difficult technique, requiring complex color mixing and lip alignment techniques.

1. What is 3D lip injection?

3d lip spray technique

If crystal lip spray create a slick and smooth coating, spray soot to change the pigment in the inner part of the lips, 3D lip spray will bring a multi-dimensional impact. Spraying lips with 3D effect requires a combination of lip color creation, while correcting defects in lip shape and lip contour. At that time, the lips are both bright and attractive from all different angles.

This technique is suitable for a variety of customers, especially those who have a need to treat lip color, who have tried conventional methods but have not had the expected results.

In general, technical 3D lip spray The European standard is one of the difficult technologies, the implementation is quite complicated, requiring skilled technicians, a lot of experience to handle situations occurring during the spraying process.

2. What should be noted about European standard 3D lip spray?

As mentioned above, this is a rather complicated technique, requiring good implementation of the following stages:

  • Scaling – contouring lips
  • Mix colors to create effects
  • Spray dark and light colors to show 3D volume for lips

When using scale to create lip contour, you must draw the lip line evenly. Note that for each different lip shape, you must create a suitable border. If the person has thin lips, you can draw cheats out, thick lips, vice versa. At the same time, at the step of dividing the block, divide the upper lip into 3 parts, the lower lip into 2 parts. These parts will be applied color in a multi-dimensional effect.

In the 3D lip tinting step, mix the ink into 3 levels: dark, medium and light. The ink color used must be the same tone, if you choose the wrong color, it will cause the lip spray to be completely ruined. For example, if you spray red tones, mix 3 colors in descending order: cherry red, rose red, orange red...

Each tone is sprayed as follows:

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3D lip injection also needs to apply the standard needle technique with equal force, not too fast or too slow, and the depth of the needle is only about 0.2-0.3mm. Because the skin of the lips is thin and sensitive, you should not go back and forth too many times. Each needle is sure to help the ink down evenly, minimizing swelling.

Hope you are succesful.

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