Lip Contouring Technique For Each Specific Body Shape 2

Lip Contouring Technique For Each Specific Body Shape

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In the lip spray process, lip injection technique plays a very important role because the lip contour helps to shape the lips, helps to manipulate the needle accurately and the lips are beautiful. Depending on the shape of your lips, you have a suitable way to spray your lips. Miss Tram Academy List some techniques of lip liner spray as follows.

lip liner spray technique

As a woman, who does not want to have attractive lips, but defects such as thick lips, thin lips, deviated lips, etc., silently cling to and destroy the overall face. Therefore, lip spray is really a "savior" of many people. Spraying lips without lips not only helps lips to color as desired, but also can correct the shape of the lips, helping women own a beautiful and harmonious lips with the face.

And for KTV tattooing, the lip liner spray It is an indispensable skill. To be honest, spraying lip liner is a lot harder than we think, and newbies are always confused by this problem. In addition to requiring sharp lip lines, depending on each lip shape and you spray the lip line accordingly, bringing the most beautiful and sexy lips possible.

Lip Contouring Technique For Each Specific Body Shape 3

The "secret" of lip contour spray technique

Miss Tram Academy guide you some techniques for lip contouring, you can refer to to gain experience and gain more useful knowledge for yourself. Basically, when drawing lip border then you need to consider the overall face to find the right lip shape, bring balance and harmony.

Some cases that need to be adjusted lip contour can be mentioned as follows:

  • Uneven lips

If your lips are thick and thin, you should choose the better side as the standard and correct the other side accordingly. For example, if you have a normal lip and a thin side, then you should draw a slightly wider line outside the corner of the thinner lip, so that it balances with the thick side and shapes the real lip shape.

  • Thin lips

You draw a wide lip line to the outside compared to the real lip line by about 1mm, avoiding "cheat" too much, it will make the lips less natural. When applying lip liner, you should not use too dark colors, which will affect the naturalness of the lips. You should spray your lips with a light color and cover it with gloss collagen for a fuller, fuller look than before.

  • Thick lip

If the lips are too thick, you can do the opposite by inserting the needle 0.8-1mm. You should be careful not to go in too much, it will make the lips lose their inherent naturalness. In addition, you should spray light color and cover with a layer of glossy collagen to make the lips more beautiful.

  • Lips without borders

In this case, you can freely contour your lips, especially the heart-shaped lip style that is very popular with girls. To draw beautiful heart lips, you need to create a highlight in the middle of the upper lip to create a highlight, and draw the edges of the lower lip, creating a feeling of thicker lips.

When spraying lip contour, the KTV must ensure that the needle tip is perpendicular to the surface of the skin, thus avoiding skin damage, without causing pain or swelling. The force of the needle must also be even, avoiding the needle too fast or slow will make the ink color uneven, difficult to eat the color, making the spray lips not as beautiful as desired.

In addition, when going to lip contour, you also have to pay attention to the depth of the needle as well as the route of lip injection. Usually, needle 1 goes deep into the skin about 0.3-0.4mm and absolutely avoid spraying the lip line too dark. The order of needles in turn is to go from the middle of the upper lip to the corners of the lips on both sides, then go from the middle of the bottom lip to the corners of the lips on both sides, editing the two sides to create the most perfect lip shape.

The needlework not only requires the skill of the KTV but also requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Therefore, to be able to stand out for tattooing, KTV people need to be well trained and practice regularly to reach a certain level.

If you want to become a good tattoo artist, you should register for an apprenticeship at reputable beauty centers like Miss Tram Academy. Here, you will be directly taught by leading estheticians, learn with state-of-the-art equipment, work by hand and perform on real models. As a result, you will quickly grasp all the necessary skills in the profession, as well as practice regularly to reach the necessary level.

If you want to become a professional tattoo artist, don't wait any longer, contact Miss Tram immediately to receive great advice from leading experts and have the opportunity to pursue your dreams and capture them. future yourself.

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