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Techniques for Using Eyebrows Safely – Accurately

In eyebrow embroidery, anesthetic incubation is an important and mandatory step, because it greatly affects the final result. Without anesthesia, when going to the needle, the customer will feel pain and stir, causing our manipulation to be deviated, making the eyebrows not as beautiful as desired.

So do you know how to use safe - correct eyebrow technique for your customers? Take a look at some of the shares below Miss Tram Academy .

What is the technique of numbing?

Use Safe – Accurate Eyebrow Technique

Why should numb before spraying eyebrow tattoo?

Eyebrow spray is one of the modern beauty methods, putting ink into the pre-defined eyebrow skin area to help you have more delicate lines, our face more harmonious and balanced. To help you have the color according to the pre-defined pattern, KTV will use a specialized needle-mounted sprayer, impacting the skin to bring the ink in.

This process can cause pain, and depending on the location or sensitivity, each person will have different levels of pain. If these pains appear a lot, continuously, it will make the customer uncomfortable, leading to frowning and stirring. This is absolutely not good, because it can cause the needle line to deviate, the needle penetrates deeply, causing more bleeding damage, and especially damaging the eyebrow shape. It is for these reasons that it is imperative that we incubate the client's eyebrows before tattooing.

Use the technique of numbing

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Types of numbness used in eyebrow spray

In the cosmetic industry, there are two basic types of anesthesia commonly used, namely cream and safe. Numbing cream is used to incubate before for customers, helping customers temporarily lose the feeling of eyebrow skin. A safe anesthetic will be used to support topical application if the client feels pain when the needle is inserted.

So what is the safest way to use numbing?

First of all, you need to choose a quality numbing cream that has a clear origin and has been fully tested. This will bring safety to the health of customers as well as ensure the reputation of your center. Before using numbing, you must carefully read the instructions for use, adjust the effective time stated on the product packaging.

According to the experience of Miss Tram AcademyCurrently, on the market, there are quite a few centers and establishments using 25% - 50% numbing and this type gives a faster incubation time (ranges about 15 - 25 minutes). However, you must be careful because some guests may be sensitive to this type of numbness, with symptoms such as heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. If you want to be safer, use the anesthetic that the health authorities allow is 5% (incubation time is about 40 minutes).

Use the technique of numbing

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When starting to numb, to numb quickly, you need to disinfect your eyebrows, apply a layer of cream about 1mm thick. We can incubate nylon to make numbing faster and more effective.

In addition, during the procedure, you need to be equipped with a safe anesthetic (which is the type used for open wounds) to promptly help the client relieve pain. If the client has an uncomfortable expression, we just need to apply this numbing agent directly to the eyebrow and leave it for about 2 minutes to see the effect immediately. It is recommended to use a soft cotton swab to apply numbing, so it will avoid contact, increasing the risk of eyebrow infection or ink smear.

So, Miss Tram Academy shared with you some techniques and experiences of using the safest - most accurate rhinoplasty. Follow the steps above, customers will feel more relaxed during the eyebrow spray process, and you will focus on completing a perfect pair of beautiful eyebrows.

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