Techniques for Evenly Coloring Scarred Lips and Cleft Lips

|Q&A| Techniques for Evenly Coloring Scarred Lips and Cleft Lips

In each theoretical lesson, in addition to imparting basic knowledge about each topic, Miss Tram always spends time so that students can ask and answer questions about the lesson.

And one of the questions for today's lesson is "How is the technique to create even scarred lip color and cleft lip area?"

First, we should determine that scarring on the lips or cleft lip easily leads to a deviated, disproportionate lip line. So the most important thing is to shape up and create a suitable and balanced lip contour. After that, the specialist will continue to do it normally, but will be more careful and pay more attention to the scarred lip area, cleft lip area so that the ink color is even when finished.

You need to keep in mind that the technique of inking or dealing with lip problems not only needs to be firmly grasped in theory, but also requires a lot of practice to be able to master it. So, Miss Tram hopes today's suggestions will help you be more confident in the process of learning and beautifying customers.

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