Before And After Sculpting Combined Spray Shading Cushion Ink Beads Between Eyebrow Fibers

Actual Results When Beauty Customers Combine 2 Methods of Sculpting and Spraying Shading Between Eyebrow Fibers.

Before: Looking at the picture, it is easy to see that this customer's eyebrows are a bit small, the tail is short and lacks fibers. After being introduced by a friend, she came to Miss Tram for advice and beauty.

Or: Not only you, but many Miss Tram customers have chosen a combination of Natural Fiber Sculpting and Beading Spray Shading to beautify their eyebrows. Simply because this combination will make the eyebrows become sharp, attractive and many times more natural than usual. 

Specifically, with her eyebrows, the eyebrows are meticulously sculpted, clear and sprayed with shading to cushion the ink particles between the eyebrows, helping to create a thin ink base but still clearly see the eyebrows perfectly. all natural. 

To have a better picture, Miss Tram invites you to see the image of her eyebrow results below! 


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