Effective Skin Cleansing According to Water Temperature

Clean skin is an indispensable step in the cycle Skin Care of each customer. In addition to the selection of skin cleansing products, the temperature of the water also contributes to the effectiveness of cleaning.

As a skin care technician, in addition to mastering skin care procedures, you need to know the effectiveness Clean the skin according to the temperature of the water to advise customers. Right now, let's Miss Tram Academy Learn more about this issue.

Revealing the Effectiveness of Skin Cleansing According to Water Temperature for KTV Spa

1. The temperature of the water and the effect on the skin

Clean skin with warm water

When cleaning the skin with hot water, the pores are dilated, the effect of cleaning sebum, bacteria, and dirt on the skin is more favorable.

Clean skin with safe warm water nước

In addition, using warm water during the cleansing process also helps the skin:

  • Promote circulation, blood circulation under the skin.
  • Boost metabolism, regenerate skin for healthy skin.
  • Improves the effectiveness of exfoliating dead skin cells, helping the skin to be clear.
  • Limit the formation of acne on the skin.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth and full of life.

Clean skin with cold water

In addition to the effects of cleaning dirt, excess oil, stimulating blood circulation, making the skin smooth as when cleaning with hot water, using cold water also helps the skin:

  • Improve puffiness, dark circles in the eyes, signs of poor color after waking up.
  • Keep the skin in the best condition for effective absorption of skin nutrients.

Clean skin safely with cold water

2. Should I clean my skin with cold water or warm water?

Cleansing the skin with warm water is great, but using cold water is equally as good. In general, should you clean your skin with cold water or warm water?

So why not incorporate both hot and cold water cleansing in your skin care routine? This helps to take advantage of the effect of cleaning the skin according to the temperature of the water. Helps skin achieve its best state after cleansing.

How to do: Clean the skin with warm water first to open the pores, remove dirt and excess oil on the skin. Then rinse with cold water to shrink pores, leaving skin smooth and healthy.

3. Note when cleaning the skin according to the temperature of the water

The combination when cleansing the skin with cold water and warm water is great. But with some skin types, you should only choose warm or cold water to ensure the right fit. Specifically:

  • For oily skin

Oily skin with well-developed sebaceous glands is easy to clog pores due to excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. Using warm water will clean the residue on the surface of the skin, leaving the skin soft and clear. In contrast, cold water cannot promote optimal cleansing effect on oily skin because the excess oil is too large.

Clean oily skin according to water temperature nhiệt

  • For dry skin

Dry skin needs more moisture than other skin types, so it should be cleaned with cold water first. Cold water penetrates dry skin faster, increasing the skin's ability to absorb moisture. If you take warm water to clean dry skin, it can cause peeling and irritation because the skin is in a state of being too dry.

Simple tips to clean dry skin with water

  • For sensitive skin

Sensitive, easily irritated, acne-prone skin should not wash their face with hot water. Because warm water can make the skin red and irritated. Therefore, choose to clean with cold water for sensitive skin.

How to effectively take care of sensitive skin with water

Note: For optimal skin cleansing effect, do not forget to advise customers to use accompanying cleaning products suitable for each skin type and skin condition.

Learning the knowledge about skin care will help professionals improve their skills and values ​​in the eyes of customers and in their profession. Miss Tram Academy hope the sharing about Effectively clean the skin according to the temperature of the water will help you be able to advise and take better care of customers.

Thank you for following the article of Miss Tram Academy. Please look forward to the new sharing that Miss Tram Academy gives you in the near future.

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