How To Spray Lips Without Swelling 5

How To Spray Lips Without Swelling

You must have heard the phrase "Women on the street can forget their wallet, but can't forget to put on lipstick" then eh? This shows the need for a rosy, fresh lips. However, applying lipstick every day is too time-consuming when you just need to perform lip cosmetic methods to have a rosy, fresh lips all day.

In particular, lip spray is the method chosen by many customers today. However, after each spray, the lips are swollen, making customers feel afraid. So how to solve this case? Please refer to the article below.

How To Spray Lips Without Swelling

1. Is it swollen after spraying lips? The reason why?

Lip injection is a method of using a sprayer with a micro-needle to put ink on the lips with optional colors that match the skin color as well as the customer's preferences. This is a method to help you own rosy lips without having to spend too much time on daily lipstick.

The secret to spraying lips without swelling

Because of the impact of the needle, after lip spray, there will be more or less swollen lips. However, during the implementation, the needle technique as well as the selection of the appropriate lip injection method can minimize the degree of swelling.

2. How to limit swelling when spraying lips?

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As mentioned above, it is normal that after spraying, the lips are swollen. However, depending on the method of implementation, the skill of the technician as well as the care regimen after lip spray, the swelling is more or less.

You should consult carefully, explain clearly the phenomenon as well as the cause of the problem of swollen lips after spraying so that the customer is psychologically prepared. In addition, directing customers to choose lip spray methods with new and modern technology such as micro-lip injection, micro-lip sculpting. These are currently the two most modern lip cosmetic methods that help to adhere to the color quickly, without penetrating deep into the skin, so it reduces lip swelling and the color retention time is longer than the old methods.

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In addition, during the implementation, you need to pay special attention to the following issues:

  • Clean tattoo tools before and after using a specialized cleaning solution.
  • For each customer, only one needle is used and replaced with a new one after each use. Absolutely do not share needles, ink bottles with many different customers.
  • Use quality inks, preferably organic, free of allergenic chemical ingredients.
  • During the needle movement, the hand force and the depth of the needle must be even. Avoid the case of going too deep to cause swelling and bruising.

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Ensuring safety and hygiene will help minimize lip swelling, and at the same time avoid infections caused by infections as well as the transmission of infectious diseases from one customer to another.

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CThe care after lip spray is also quite important, some notes to help reduce lip swelling effectively such as:

  • After doing this, it is necessary to apply Vaseline continuously to the lips to avoid drying of the lips, making it easier for the lips to peel off.
  • Drink a lot of water to help the metabolism in the body take place stably, the damaged areas quickly recover.
  • Added vitamin C to fight inflammation, make the color more vibrant. 
  • Limit eating foods such as seafood, beef, etc. Do not eat water spinach, dishes made from glutinous rice to avoid wound healing longer.
  • Limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, tobacco, ... because it can make blood circulation unstable, affecting the wound healing process as well as the color of the lips.
  • Avoid letting water come into contact with your lips as this will affect the ability to adhere to the color.

3. In what case is swollen lips worrisome?

Whether you use a new or old method of application, it takes a certain amount of time for the lips to recover and color as desired. Because the process of needles to shape and bring color to the skin has affected the lips, more or less the lips are also affected by certain effects. However, this is not a cause for concern, because the swelling of the lips will disappear within 2-3 days after spraying. In the case of people with very sensitive skin, this time will be longer from 5-7 days.

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If the time is more than 7 days but the swelling of the lips still does not go away, this time it may be due to other causes such as infection, etc. You should advise the customer to come back to the center to check and take appropriate treatment measures. well suited.

***Helping customers understand this is important. You need to give appropriate advice to customers to understand, to avoid confusion after implementation. 

Hope with the above sharing of Miss Tram Academy helped you somewhat gain useful information on how to spray lips without swelling, thereby giving customers a fresh and smooth lips. 

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