Get Acne Core For Customers Should Squeeze Big or Small Acne First 2

Get Acne Core For Customers Should Squeeze Big Or Small Acne First

|Q&A| In the process of taking acne cores for customers, should they squeeze big or small acne first?

Get Acne Core For Customers Should Squeeze Big or Small Acne First 3

Acne is one of the most common skin problems. The process of taking acne kernels is also one of the important steps of the acne treatment process; so that the use of the new drug achieves maximum effectiveness.

In this process of taking acne kernels, the KTV should pay attention to the manipulation of the spots SMALL ACNE First of all, the reason is:

Small pimples are often more difficult to detect, so it will take longer to find them than large acne.

– Starting with large acne will easily cause swelling, reddening of the skin, even hiding small acne spots, making it more difficult to get acne kernels or make us miss them.


– You must be very “awake” to clearly identify the type of acne and the acne condition before taking the acne core. It is only applied to get the kernel on acne spots that exist inside.

- The types of acne that absolutely must not be squeezed are blood blisters, vesicles, skin tags, newly popped pimples are still red because they have no core. If you squeeze acne, it can cause pain to customers, leave scars and bruises on the skin. At that time, the acne situation is more severe.

– The process of taking acne kernels for customers must be guaranteed to be performed according to medical standards to minimize damage to the skin.

In addition, the correct removal of acne will bring the best results as well as customer satisfaction and comfort. So, Miss Tram has a more detailed post for you to refer to and learn more about yourself in the link below:
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