List 3 Types of Indispensable Machines In Acne Treatment 1

List 3 Types of Indispensable Machines In Acne Treatment

In order for acne treatments at the spa to be optimal, in addition to standard skin care operations, using the right special cosmetics of the KTV, the support of modern equipment is essential. necessary.

In particular, the indispensable machines in professional spas specializing in acne treatment must be mentioned.

3 Types of Indispensable Machines In Acne Treatment

1. Skin analysis scanners

To understand the acne skin condition of each customer, the skin analyzer is an indispensable "helper" for every specialist, KTV Spa. Modern dermatoscope integrates advanced features, properly analyzes skin problems from which KTV can advise and plan appropriate treatment courses.

2. Genuine sauna and detox machines

In addition to the initial facial cleansing steps, the support of steam and detox machines will help the skin cleaning process be deeper and more thorough. Helps to unclog pores, clean oil and dirt. The treatment process, the absorption of nutrients for the skin and the metabolism of the skin will be optimally promoted, making the skin stretchy and ruddy.

3. Multi-function skin care machines that disinfect and nourish

Integrated multi-function skin care machines: misting - sucking acne bran - sterilizing are the "effective assistants", the most important in the process of treating acne.

  • The step of misting toner is used after cleansing and exfoliation, to help soothe the skin
  • Sebum/acne suction step: Absorb remaining sebum and dirt under the skin; Removes all kinds of blackheads, acne, cystic acne ...
    Electroviolet: This is a step to sterilize the skin, helping the skin to avoid being attacked by bacteria, causing inflammation and damage.
  • Finally, using ultrasound, electrophoresis to bring the acne-fighting nutrients of the cream or essence into the dermis and dermis, helping to treat acne quickly and restore damage under the skin caused by acne.

Above are 3 types of equipment that are indispensable for professional spas specializing in acne treatment. Miss Tram recommends choosing a reputable facility to buy genuine devices, avoiding buying fakes, poor quality goods and successful applications.

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