What are the outstanding advantages of Miss Tram Tattoo Ink?

[Q & A] What are the outstanding advantages of Miss Tram Tattoo Ink?

Miss Tram once conducted a small survey with her customers to assess the level of satisfaction as well as improve the quality of service better and better.

And one of the reasons that Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center has been appreciated, trusted and chosen by nearly 10 customers as a place to send beauty is the INK QUALITY that the center has used for the Spraying methods. – Embroidery – Aesthetic sculpture:

– Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center uses tattoo ink imported and manufactured 100% in Germany and the US. These are the two countries that are rated top in the world for ink quality.

– All inks do not contain any metal components. In particular, the American group of organic tattoo ink called Queen ink is currently very popular because of 100% nature. Completely harmless, smooth color, high strength, no red-green oxidation after flying.

– This group of ink is more expensive, so the price is higher. However, when health issues have been put on top, most of Miss Tram's customers no longer care much about the price. And also please do the process of re-applying every 2-3 years for a fresher color.

Miss Tram always hopes to be a familiar address - a place where women can feel secure to send their beauty. Therefore, Miss Tram is committed to using products with the BEST QUALITY - SAFETY during the beauty process.
If you have any questions about tattoo ink selection, pick up the phone and call Miss Tram right away!
Don't hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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