Before And After Sculpting Eyebrows with 9D Threads Overcoming Messy Ingrown Eyebrows

Realistic Image Of The Process Of Overcoming Ingrown Eyebrows With 9D Thread Sculpting Technology.

Before: The customer's natural eyebrows grow a bit "messy", making the eyebrow shape not clear. Moreover, the first part of the eyebrows due to few fibers, so the eyes do not have a highlight. 

Or: At Miss Tram Spa, the eyebrows are edited and shaped by the Expert according to the GOLD RATE to suit the face. At the same time, use the 9D eyebrow sculpting method to create a new and more harmonious eyebrow. 

Let's take a look at Miss Tram to take a closer look at Ms. Guest's new eyebrows! 

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