Choosing Eyelash Extensions That Suit Each Eye Shape

Owning a beautiful, seductive eyes with thick, curled eyelashes is the desire of any girl. However, not many people are fortunate enough to possess that natural beauty. And eyelash extensions are the method chosen by many people to overcome the disadvantages of sparse and short eyelashes. However, the type of eyelash extension that is suitable for each eye shape is not something that everyone knows.

If you are an eyelash extension technician and when you advise customers to choose the right type of eyelash extension for their eye shape, it will help increase trust, bring satisfactory results to customers, thereby improving trust. , reputation for you as well as the establishment you are working for.

Choosing Eyelash Extensions That Suit Each Eye Shape

Although the makeup industry is increasingly developed and enhanced, creating products of higher quality, safety and naturalness for users. However, it takes time every day for eye makeup and mascara to make many people feel uncomfortable. At this time, eyelash extensions are the optimal choice for many people who want to have beautiful long eyelashes without losing time.

Eyelash extension technology is increasingly improved, bringing a thick, long, curled eyelash line without affecting the eyes, without causing eye problems, discomfort or allergies as well as without losing real eyelashes. of cutomer.

Nowadays, there are many different types of eyelash extensions for customers to choose from. However, you should have advice to customers to choose which type of eyelash extensions is suitable for their interests, work environment and especially to suit the customer's eye shape. This not only brings beautiful thick eyelashes, but also effectively overcomes the disadvantages of those eyes.

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Let's explore eyelash extensions suitable for each eye shape below:

1. Almond eye shape

Eyelash extension style suitable for each eye shape

The characteristic of almond shaped eyes is that the height is shorter than the length. To know if your eyes are almond shaped or not, look directly in the mirror, if the edge of the iris just touches the lower eyelid edge of the eye, it is an almond eye shape.

Those who own this eye shape are in luck, because it fits most eyelash extensions without having to worry about whether the eyelash extension will reveal the flaws of the eyes or not. So, depending on the preferences and personality of the customer, you can advise a gentle, feminine angel eyelash extension or a charming and personality black rose eyelash extension.

In addition, customers can choose to change between eyelash extensions to help change their style and personality.

2. Round eyes

Those who own round eyes often have a pure and pure beauty. And if you know how to choose the type of eyelash extension, it will increase that beauty, making the face even more attractive. The way to recognize that is when looking directly in the mirror, the edge of the iris has just touched the upper eyelid edge of the eye.

With this eye shape, you should advise customers to choose a type of eyelash extension with a shorter length of false eyelashes than usual, very thin and curved. However, you should not make your eyelashes too curled, it will make your eyes even bigger and will not be in balance with the face, creating the feeling that the eyes occupy the entire face.

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3. Underline/droopy eyelid shape

The feature of this eye shape is that the upper eyelid is not as clear as double eyelids, creating the feeling that the upper eyelid is drooping. If you know how to choose the type of eyelash extensions, you can help your eyes look bigger, limiting the disadvantages of this eye shape. At this time, the technician should focus on the center of the eye, with the longest false eyelashes in the center and shorter towards the sides. Eyelashes should be curled to help open and round eyes. From there, overcome the limitations of lined/droopy eyelids.

4. Single eyelid shape

Eyelash extension style suitable for each eye shape

For Vietnamese people, a large number of customers own this eye shape, creating a more self-deprecating feeling when they do not have large, round eyes. With a single eyelid shape, the upper eyelid is a flat surface, not creating a clear crease like a double eyelid shape.

To overcome the disadvantages as well as help the eyes look bigger, the technician should choose a type of eyelash extension with the length of the false eyelashes gradually lengthening towards the tail of the eyes, creating the feeling that the eyes are bigger and rounder, with a longer dimension. deeper and more engaging.

5. Cone-shaped eyes

Cone-shaped eyes are characterized by a high curving upper rim while the lower rim is almost a straight line, giving the impression that the eyes are shaped like a cone. Another feature is that the eyebrows will be located close to your eyelids.

When meeting a customer with these eyes, the technician must be skillful and delicate in combining false eyelashes of different lengths to connect eyelashes. An important thing is to connect the longest eyelash at the highest part of the upper eyeline and at the same time connect the lower eyelid, creating balance for the eyes, making the eyes look bigger and rounder.

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6. Deep hollow eye shape

This is the eye shape that many women want to own, it makes the inner face more depth, more attractive and immediately impresses the opposite person. The main feature of this eye shape is the eyes hidden deep in the eye sockets.

Choosing the most suitable type of eyelash extension for this eye shape is the long and moderately curved eyelashes. At that time, the false eyelashes will help create the feeling that the eyes are pushed out, increasing the attractiveness of the face.

For a technician, choosing the right eyelash extension consultant determines nearly 50% of your success, in addition to technical skills and quality of eyelash extensions. In addition, it also helps you improve your professionalism and brand to customers. And the shares that Miss Tram Academy Hope can provide you with useful information for your working process. Follow Miss Tram to refer to more useful sharing for work.

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