Notes When Assembling the Tattoo Injector? 3

Notes When Assembling the Tattoo Injector?

The tattoo machine is one of the very important factors for tattooing as well as the final tattoo spray result. Choosing the right product among the myriad of tattoo machines for sale today on the market has been a difficult step. However, when choosing the right product, the assembly stage is also an equally important step. It directly affects your tattoo results. That is why with the article below Miss Tram Academy will share a few notes when assembling the tattoo sprayer. Please refer.

Notes When Assembling the Tattoo Injector?

Which tattoo sprayer to choose?

Notes When Assembling the Tattoo Injector? 4

Depending on the technology you implement, choose the appropriate machine line. For example, with spray technology, you can use any machine, as long as it is suitable for your technical skills. As for powdering technology, you need to use a few specialized machines.

Notes When Assembling the Tattoo Injector? 5

On the market today you can find a lot of tattoo machines with different origins such as: Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan or Vietnam, etc. However, you need to pay attention to the following things to make sure Make sure to choose a good tattoo sprayer, such as:

  • Choose a reputable production brand with clear origin. The manufacturer's brand must match the body and the packaging to avoid imitations and counterfeits.
  • The material of the machine must be safe materials, not affecting the health of the user.
  • The specifications must be fully shown both on the body and the packaging.
  • There are complete manuals for use, maintenance, preservation, ...
  • Have all papers and stamps of the machine manufacturer.
  • Quality checked by the Ministry of Health before being distributed to consumers.

If the product you choose meets the above requirements, you can rest assured that the product is of good quality and can be used.

Note when assembling tattoo sprayer

Notes when assembling the tattoo sprayer

After choosing a quality tattoo sprayer, the next step is also very important and has a direct impact on you and your customers, which is assembling the machine. If the assembly step is incorrect, the tattoo spray results will not be as expected. So, to make sure your tattooing process goes smoothly and successfully, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when assembling the machine:

  • Read the instruction manual that came with the machine carefully. This will help you understand the characteristics, how to assemble, how to use and maintain the machine in the best way from the manufacturer.
  • Check if each machine part really fits together?
  • Check if the needle pin is firm? Avoid the situation that the needle pin is loose, leading to the situation when spraying, the needle tip is thrown out of the machine
  • Check if the correct needle tip is attached? Each needle will have 2 ends, a pointed end and an obtuse end. When attaching the needle will attach the tip to the machine.
  • Check if the needle is firmly attached to the post? After attaching the needle, the needle tip is about 1mm - 1,5mm away from the protective cover. Note: you should slightly bend the needle on the blunt end before attaching it to the machine, with this step, the needle will be held more firmly, making the tattooing process easier.
  • Check the power supply. For electrically charged machines, you should make sure the power is sufficient for your tattooing process.
  • Start the engine to check if it runs smoothly?

Note when assembling tattoo sprayer

In addition to the notes when assembling the machine, you need to pay attention as above, you need to pay attention to some of the following issues to ensure the safety of yourself and your customers when performing tattooing, specifically:

  • Use antibacterial gloves during machine assembly as well as during tattoo spraying. This helps prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to customers or users. At the same time, it also helps your implementation process go more smoothly.
  • Only use a new set of tattoo needles taken from a separate sterile bag for each client. Do not use used or sterilized needles containing pre-damaged needles. As well as make sure the needle does not come into contact with other contaminated objects such as clothing, the ground. If the needle set has become contaminated, it must not be used and must be thrown in the trash.
  • Regularly clean the tattoo sprayer with a specialized cleaning solution for the machine or physiological saline, alcohol. This is one of the factors that are often forgotten and also one of the causes of infection after tattooing.

Choosing the right tattoo sprayer and properly assembling the machine is one of the most important factors determining the success of the tattooing process in addition to the skill and ink factors. So, Miss Tram Academy Hopefully, the above notes when assembling the machine will help you to assemble the machine in the most accurate way.

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