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Important Notes When Spraying 3D Lips For Customers

What should be noted when performing 3D Lip Spray?

Want to overcome the situation of the lip contour is not clear, the lip mold is not beautiful, the lips are too thick or too light... don't forget the method. EASY 3D LISTED SPRAY ok This method can help you cheat the lip line inward to make the lips thinner or bring the lip line out to make the lips fuller and fuller. And there are 02 things when performing 3D Lip Spray that KTV should note the following:

What to note when spraying 3d lips?
Notes when spraying 3D lips

1.Effect Blending

Color mixing is an important step that needs the meticulousness of KTV, we will divide it into 3 color levels: dark, medium and light. In particular, ink colors must be used in the same tone to create a natural blend. For example, if a customer wants to spray orange tones, KTV mixes colors according to the level of decreasing earth orange, pink orange, peach orange and the like.

2. Create 3D Lips Blocks

The difference that creates the attraction of 3D Lip Spray is the harmony between the colors from the edge of the lips, the corners of the lips to the center of the lips, creating a natural beauty. For the most perfect results, the KTV needs to scale the lip volume by drawing even lines. Moreover, the KTV needs to apply the standard needle technique with even hand force. Each needle goes very firmly so that the ink is the most evenly colored.

Above is the share of Miss Tram VietNam about the notes when performing 3D Lip Spray. Good luck to the KTVs!

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