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What Should Men's Spa Apprentice Notice?

You are male passion for beauty, wish to be make up for themselves and others, but worried because of the thought: “Spa Industry only for women", "Going to a center where people don't receive training", "Are my skills "soft" to pursue the industry?"...

To help you troubleshoot, Miss Tram Academy will take the following examples: the most typical are professional hair stylists, fashion designers, good chefs... most of them are male. The jobs that only women can do, so believe in yourself to fulfill your dreams.

men learn beauty spa trades
Should men learn the spa profession? Note when studying spa profession today

[Q & A] What Should Men Studying Beauty Spa Pay Attention to?

1. Knowledge and skills

  • KTV is the person who directly advises and performs appropriate care procedures for customers, so it is necessary to have a firm grasp of professional knowledge and skills in skin, appropriate procedures, cosmetics, machinery and equipment. high-tech equipment.
  • Male KTV skills need to combine two factors: mastery, soft, gentle but still decisively strong, providing excellent treatments for customers that will determine your success.

2. Perseverance and eagerness to learn

Male or female? Spa apprenticeship It's not difficult, but to become a good KTV requires diligence and perseverance. Actively learning, drawing up a clear timetable, not forgetting to explore, exchange knowledge and practice regularly will help you quickly "up your hand" and start your career with the most confidence. .

3. Should take a full spa course, not a small part

There are many Spas that are divided into many parts for training such as: skin care courses, massage courses, etc. However, you need to consider carefully, because individual learning only meets a small part of the work of this industry. You need to join the package course to know more knowledge and skills about skin care, massage, acne treatment / melasma / tattoo removal...

4. Choose the right place to study

At the beginning of the study, many male friends were quite confused in choosing a school. To choose for yourself the right course, you should rely on actual images, videos to guide students to practice during the learning process, from which you will evaluate which places teach Good and Prestige. Do not just look at the "sparkling" images, the scale of the Spa to assess the quality, but believe in what "the eyes see and the ears".

A team of experienced and professional instructors is also a decisive factor because they will be the ones to directly "handle the job" for you.

Believe that with the above sharing will help you have an objective view of beauty spa industry, then choose an address for yourself Prestige – Suitable. Miss Tram Academy always honored and open the door to welcome students who have a passion to bring beauty to everyone.

Please contact us immediately Miss Tram VietNam for more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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