6 Important Notes About Collagen Lip Spray That KTV Must Know 2

6 Important Notes About Collagen Lip Spray That KTV Must Know

Collagen lip spray is a beauty method chosen by many women, because customers will own fresh, plump lips, youthful and natural colors and maintain a stable lip color for a long time. To achieve the most perfect collagen lip spray results, KTV can't miss the "TIPs" that Miss Tram VietNam introduced below.

6 Important Notes About Collagen Lip Spray That KTV Must Know 3

6 Important Notes About Collagen Lip Spray That KTV Must Know

Check lip condition

This is an important step that the KTV needs to do, to know how to shape the lips and proceed with the darkening process (if necessary).

Tattoo ink with collagen essence

KTV uses tattoo ink containing pure collagen essence in certain proportions. You can use 1-2 drops of PCD collagen essence into the ink after spraying the lips for 80-90% and then go for the last 2 to 3 turns to help the lips penetrate, stretch and smooth.

Anesthesia, hygiene for lips

KTV needs to exfoliate the lips before spraying, the cleaned skin will help eat numbness, eat more ink and also limit infection, blisters after lip spray.

Note: The incubation time should be from 10 to 15 minutes, avoiding long exposure will make the lips dark.

Clean equipment and necessary tools

Clean tattoo spray equipment to avoid infection with one of three ways: apply Vaseline to the contact between springs and screws of the tattoo machine; Use alcohol and an old toothbrush to clean the nooks and crannies and clip cord holes; Use a specialized tattoo machine cleaning solution.

Sticking to the following technique:

  • First, take the needle from the center of the lips outward.
  • Go from the lower lip first, then the upper lip.
  • Take a turn on the lower lip and then move to the upper lip.
  • Should spray the lower lip 2-3 more layers than the upper lip.
  • Walk the needle evenly, depth of 0,03mm with moderate speed.

Pay attention to lip care

  • After spraying the lips with collagen, the KTV should clean the lips and apply vaseline.
  • Advise customers to avoid contact with water, do not arbitrarily remove the color layer, add fruits, vegetables, etc. Limit beef, chicken, sticky rice, seafood.

Above are 6 important notes to help KTV gain more experience to successfully implement collagen lip spray method. Wish you quickly master your craft to bring beautiful lips to customers.

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