Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting 4

Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting

Eyelash extensions are now one of the professions chosen by many women, not only because it brings a stable profession, but the income level with this profession is also a significant number. However, to be able to attract customers, the quality of your eyelash extensions must ensure the basic criteria such as not causing problems, heavy for the eyes and the eyelashes must be kept for the longest time. To get that, you must know the reasons why eyelashes are not durable so that you can effectively fix them.

With the knowledge gained during my actual work, here are some basic reasons that Miss Tram Academy has been drawn, please refer to it.

Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting

1. Customer care

The reason why eyelashes are not durable

Care after extension is especially important, it determines a huge part of your eyelash extension quality. Therefore, you need to pay attention to guide your customers to properly care for eyelash extensions with some of the following notes:

  • Do not wash your face immediately after finishing eyelash extensions, it is necessary to limit water contact with the eyelashes in the first time.
  • Do not use mascara for makeup, because you need to use makeup remover to remove that mascara. The makeup remover solution can reduce the adhesion of the glue, causing the eyelashes to fall out faster.
  • Do not lie on your side or stomach when sleeping, as this can cause the eyelashes to fall off, and at the same time make the eyelashes that have been shaped before.
  • Rubbing your eyes with your hands is also a cause of breakage, making eyelashes less durable.
  • Use glasses every time you go out to protect your eyelashes.

2. Improper use of eyelash extension glue

Eyelash extension glue is a very important tool to help connect false and real eyelashes, creating thick, long eyelashes according to their purpose. If you do not use eyelash extension glue correctly, that is the cause of your eyelashes being less durable.

Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting 5

  • Expired eyelash extension glue

When using an expired eyelash extension glue, the adhesion of the glue is no longer guaranteed, causing the eyelashes to fall out faster. Therefore, you need to make sure to use the glue within the expiry date, and replace it when it has expired. Normally, eyelash extension glue will have a shelf life of 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the characteristics of each glue from the date of opening the lid. You should note the opening date of each bottle of glue to most accurately determine the expiry date and suitable replacement.

  • Do not shake the glue well before use

Eyelash extension glue is a mixture of ingredients that are mixed together to provide adhesion. Shake well before use to help the ingredients blend together, thereby increasing the adhesion between false eyelashes and real eyelashes.

However, in many cases, because you subjectively do not shake well before use, at this time the components in the glue are stratifying, causing the quality of the glue to be greatly reduced and as a result, goods and services. After joining, the eyelashes quickly fall off.

Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting 6

  • Do not change the amount of new glue during the eyelash extension process

Usually, when applying eyelash extensions, the technician will only take a sufficient amount of glue to increase convenience and speed. However, the eyelash extension glue will dry when exposed to air, making the adhesive effect no longer as good as the original.

Therefore, the advice for technicians is to only take a sufficient amount of glue for the bonding process in 30 minutes. After that time, you should replace with another amount of glue. This not only helps to increase the quality of the eyelash extension glue but also increases the shelf life of the glue bottle when not leaving the cap open for too long.

  • Using glue that is not suitable for workmanship

On the market today, there are many types of eyelash extension glue with different properties such as fast-drying glue, slow-drying glue, etc. Your use of an unsuitable glue for your skills is also the cause of your lashes being less durable. For example, if you are a novice, the eyelash extension technique is not yet stable, but you choose a fast-drying eyelash extension glue, when the eyelash extension speed is slower than the drying speed of the glue, resulting in false eyelashes with no sharpness. Certain adhesion to real eyelashes and make eyelashes fall out faster.

3. Skill of the technician

An important requirement in creating a quality eyelash is workmanship. So you need to practice regularly to improve your skills and limit the reasons that make eyelashes less durable below:

Reasons Why Eyelashes Are Not Lasting 7

  • Not getting enough glue

Taking a sufficient amount of glue will make the eyelashes not thick, unnatural and help the false eyelashes stick to the real eyelashes. However, for those with weak skills, unable to determine the correct amount of glue, they will often take less glue than necessary. Makes false eyelashes not cling tightly to real eyelashes and eyelashes fall out faster after connecting.

  • Do not clean lashes before connecting

This is also a common cause of rapid eyelash loss. The eyelash cleaning step is especially important, both to ensure the safety of the customer and to help the eyelash extension glue maximize its effectiveness. For customers with oily skin, the lashes will be less durable than for customers with dry skin. Therefore, the cleaning step of the eyelashes will somewhat limit the effects of oily skin..

Here are some reasons why eyelashes are less durable Miss Tram Academy want to share with you. Hopefully this information will help your work process be better, bring satisfaction to customers, thereby enhancing your brand.


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