List 3 Types of Masks Used in Skin Care Process 1

List 3 Types of Masks Used in Skin Care Procedures

Mask is an indispensable step in skin care routine for customers so that the skin is always smooth, smooth, contributing to the success of the entire process. So do you know all the masks, find out with Miss Tram VietNam Now!

Synthesis of 3 Types of Masks Used in Current Skin Care Procedures

1. Paper mask

  • This is the most popular and popular mask, with a cheap price but equally effective.
  • Consists of 2 parts: a nourishing part and a sheet mask made from cotton
  • Effect: prevent skin dehydration, nutrients penetrate to help skin smooth, healthy.

2. Wash off mask

  • After applying this mask, you need to wash it with water
  • Has a transparent gel form, feels cool and refreshing when applied
  • Suitable for customers with oily skin, helping to clean and control excess oil, in addition to reducing symptoms of irritation: itchy skin, redness ...

3. Peel off mask

  • The peel-off mask contains a thick solution with vitamins and nutrients needed by the skin. When applied, it will dry and form a thin layer of adhesion on the face, after 10-20 minutes, KTV uses his hands to peel off this mask.
  • Uses: exfoliate dead cells, dirt, blackheads ... to help clear skin, shrink pores.
  • KTV applies a thin layer of cream, waits for it to dry and then gently peels off; Note that with acne-prone skin, sensitive skin should not use this mask.

With the above knowledge about the commonly used masks in the skin care process, Miss Tram believes that each KTV will carefully research and apply a lot of practical applications to bring the best treatment effect.

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