How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color For Dark Lips 1

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color For Dark Lips

Lipsticks are considered "savior"Helping you to own a radiant appearance with plump, full of life lips. However, to choose lipstick color Matching something is not simple, especially for girls with dark or dull lips.

So, having a good understanding of how to choose lipstick color It will make it easier for KTVs to advise on the right lipstick color for customers. In this post Miss Tram Academy will suggest some How to choose the right lipstick color for dark lips. Let's refer!

Principles of Son Selection

Matte lipstick is the perfect choice for girls who have dark, non-standard lips. Because, matte lipstick often has a bold color, the ability to color is extremely standard, especially regardless of lip color and is not picky on lips.

In addition, matte lipsticks also offer much better color retention than other lip glosses or lipsticks. Therefore, the foundation of the lipstick will completely cover the dark spots on the lips effectively.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Lipstick for You
Guidelines for Choosing the Right Lipstick for You

Based on the Degree of Deep Lips

Choosing the right lipstick color is indeed a difficult problem for girls who own dark and dull lips. Because, if you choose wrong, you can make yourself less sparkling.

It is advisable to limit the selection of lipstick colors with light tones such as nude, coral pink, lotus pink, pastel pink, etc. Because these colors not only do not cover the defects of dark lips, but also make the lips color. lipstick color blends into one, accidentally creating a dull and boring overall.

Instead, choose lipstick colors that are darker than your lip color. If the lip pigmentation is at a slightly darker level, you can try using tones such as orange red, dark red, ruby ​​red, etc. If the lip color is deeper, you can refer to plum, brown, berry tones, …

Based on Skin Pigment

Based on skin pigmentation to choose lipstick color is also one of the tips that many girls apply today.

How to choose the right lipstick for your skin
How to choose the right lipstick for your skin

Light skin:

For girls with pinkish-white skin, you can choose lipsticks with tones of your choice, including orange-pink or light pink. Because they will bring a fresher and newer look.

For blue-white leather, you can decorate it with bright, youthful tones such as peach orange, peach pink or coral pink.

Asian standard yellow leather:

Yellow skin is considered the most flexible skin pigment, so choosing a lipstick color is not too difficult. You can choose any lipstick color or you can even mix multiple tones together. However, absolutely should not choose lipstick tones with purple light.

Dark skin:

For dark skin, to highlight the skin tone, you should choose lipstick with coral or orange tones. In addition, lipstick in plum red, bright red, dark red, etc. is also one of the good ideas.

When choosing lipstick based on skin tone, it's important to avoid lipstick colors that create too much of a contrast to your skin tone.

Some Lipstick Colors For Dark Lips

Red Earth

lipstick color suitable for dark lips
Red Earth

Earthy red is one of the items that dark lips girls should add to their lipstick collection. Earthy red lipstick with deep tone is not only capable of hiding dark lips in the best way, but also helps to create a more luxurious and aristocratic aura for girls.

Earthy Pink

Earthy pink lipstick suitable for dark lips
Earthy pink lipstick

Of all the lipstick colors, the pink tone is considered to be relatively picky with users. But if you use earth pink lipstick in combination with an impressive and outstanding makeup style, this will be a spectacular "makeover" for dark lips.


Bright red lipstick for dark lips
Bright red lipstick

The divine red color is often called the "queen" of lipstick colors. Choosing bright red color both conceals the dark lips in the most perfect way, and helps her become more attractive and luxurious.

Earth Orange

lipstick colors for dark lips
Earthy orange lipstick

Orange earth is one of the tones that dark lips should not ignore. This is the color tone that has made many girls "stumble" because of its hotness. Owning an earthy orange tone lipstick not only shows the beauty of personality and highlights, but is also suitable for effectively covering dark, dull lips.

Red orange

Orange red lipstick for people with dark lips
Orange red lipstick

Try to choose for yourself a lipstick with orange-red color, you will surely have to admire its attractive beauty. With the perfect combination of bright red and outstanding orange, this tone acts as a concealer to help "transform" a dark lip so it's plumper, full of life and more attractive. in just a few seconds.

Earth Brown

Earthy brown lipstick
Earthy brown lipstick

Brown color is a great choice for girls with dark lips. Because, this color tone can neutralize the darkness of the lips without revealing lipstick or lip lines.

Dark Red

Deep red lipstick suitable for people with dark lips
Deep red lipstick suitable for people with dark lips

Thanks to the perfect combination between a bit of cold charm and bold shades, crimson lipstick is the choice to help women cover dark lips in the most perfect way.

Purple Pink

Lipstick color suitable for people with dark lips - Purple pink lipstick
Lipstick color suitable for people with dark lips – Purple pink lipstick

The next suggestion for dark lips is purple pink lipstick. This is the perfect color tone capable of "transforming" a dark, dull lips into fuller, fresher and sexier than ever.

Red Wine

Wine red lipstick
Wine red lipstick

Like the lipstick colors introduced above, wine red is also one of the "saviors" that help girls conceal dark lips very well.

Although there are now many lipstick colors that can cover the defects of dark lips, customers do not always have time to "fire" their lips in that way. Therefore, the KTV should direct customers to the tattoo service, lip sculpting so that they can always be confident with pink and plump lips.

Hopefully through the content of the article Miss Tram Academy Just shared here will be useful information for you.

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