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Types of Machines That A Professional Spa Should Invest in

What Kinds of Machines Should Professional Spas Invest in?

Let's Miss Tram Academy Learn about some high-tech machines that are worth the spa's investment!

Lines of Acne Treatment Machines, Pimple Scars

– To treat this skin condition, cosmetic facilities, spas often use the mechanism of laser to treat. The laser beam breaks down the pigment molecules in and on the skin into microscopic molecules, and is quickly eliminated according to the body's purification mechanism.

– The outstanding machines on the market today are: Fractional CO2 Laser Machine, Skin Xel Scar Treatment Machine, q-switched nd yag laser machine….

types of acne treatment machines
Acne treatment machine

Lines of Melasma Treatment, Tattoo Removal

– It can be said that whether it is a Clinic Spa, a Beauty Spa or a professional skin care and treatment center, this machine is indispensable.

– Currently, the most popular tattoo removal and melasma treatment machines using Yag Laser technology, Laser Toning, the most prominent currently are the Q-switch PICOTECH Yag Laser Machine, and the Super II Laser Machine. These machines are applied to treat melasma, freckles, age spots, tattoos... with high efficiency right from the first time.

Types of tattoo removal machines
Melasma treatment, tattoo removal machine

Lifting Machine – Wrinkle Removal – Skin Rejuvenation

- Women enter the age of 25+, the aging process begins to appear, so the face has sagging, wrinkles, melasma, darkening. To maintain and improve the above situation, the lines of lifting - wrinkle removal - skin rejuvenation are a special "weapon" for the spa to help customers regain their youthful appearance.

– Prominent in the market today can be mentioned lifting machines, skin rejuvenation technology Hifu, Hifu Hera, Thermagic Lift, CR-7…

types of face lifting machines
Skin rejuvenation lifting machine

While developing beauty services for customers and enhancing the value of Spa, why not plan to invest in high-tech machines and equipment, right? I wish you success! see more Question and Answer section to get more good knowledge about spa profession.

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