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Can Thick And Deep Men's Lips Spray Lips

|Question – Answer|| Can Thick And Deep Men's Lips Spray Lips

Can Thick And Deep Men's Lips Spray Lips 3

The thought that only women have many beauty problems, but it is not. Men are also very interested in this issue because Miss Tram received a question from a male friend as follows: "Can men's lips be thick and dark, can they spray lips?"

Those of you who are having the same question, rest assured, it's your lips COMPLETELY SPRAYED ok

Aesthetically, men with thick lips are considered to be quite sexy, seductive and attractive to women, especially those with equally thick lips, soft lip lines and harmony with the overall face shape. face.

However, if the lips are too thick and dark or the lips are uneven, it is completely understandable to ask for the help of beauty treatments. And will be fixed by the following steps:

- Dark treatment: is a method to remove dullness, dark lips to return a rosy, natural lip color. Usually, dark lips will be handled by the specialist in the following ways:

+ Use a specialized pink (bb) color to treat dark spots, if your lips are dark, spray about 2 layers, if you have dark lips, only spray on the edges. Then spray the lip color evenly as usual.

+ If the lips are dark, spray 3-4 layers, then spray until the color is Orange Red.

- Thick lips want to be thinner, during the tattooing process, the experts will deliberately "cheat" the lip contour to the inside of the lips to create the feeling that your lips look thinner. At the same time, this border area will be covered with a lighter color to deceive the eye.

At Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, Natural Crystal Lips Absorption and Lip Spray Technology is the most popular method of beautifying lips for men because it helps to quickly say goodbye to dull, lifeless lips and a new lip color. natural, full of charm.
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  • Crystal lip spray helps lips look natural, keeping the color quite stable
  • Spray Collagen Crystal Lips and Stem Cell Lip Spray to help you own smooth, soft lips
  • Spray the queen's lips Natural lip color - Painless - Long lasting - Safe
  • Micro-lip sculpting for fast color and correct color selection
  • Treat dark spots and spray natural lips for both men and women
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