Want to Choose a Good Tattoo Machine, What Should You Note
Want to Choose a Good Tattoo Machine, What Should You Note

Revealing the Notes When Choosing a Good Tattoo Injector

|Question – Answer| Want to Choose a Good Tattoo Machine, What Should You Pay Attention to

Want to Choose a Good Tattoo Machine, What Should You Note

There are many factors that help you create a perfect result right after tattooing. It can be quality tattoo ink, solid knowledge, “skilled” techniques… and of course, the importance of a good sprayer cannot be ignored.

Let's take a look at some notes with Miss Tram if you want to choose a good tattoo sprayer as a "companion"!

Do you remember this saying: "Hundred of hearing is not equal to one seeing / One hundred seeing is not equal to one touch / One hundred touching is not equal to one trial"? For Miss Tram, testing a main tattoo sprayer is based on this saying.


– When you have “liked” a certain machine, listen carefully to see if the machine vibrates evenly or not. Because the operating principle of the machine is to rotate and vibrate to transmit the movement from the motor through the needle shaft, thereby bringing the ink into the skin. Moderate, stable and even vibration will help you to control the needle easier and increase the efficiency of color feeding and fullness.

– Conversely, if the vibrator is unstable, then the transmission of motion to the needle will be affected, resulting in the affected speed. At that time, the ink is uneven, easy to damage the skin and affect the color after spraying.

Touch to see how the machine vibrates, even or hot when operating for a long time: if the machine is warm, it is normal because when the engine is running, it will generate heat. If the heat is too large, the engine will be hot, which will affect the durability and life of the engine and the machine.

Test the machine on the nail to see if the vibration is even or not? The needle shaft head is strong and stable or not.

In addition, you should also prioritize brands from developed countries, leading in tools and equipment for the cosmetic tattoo industry: Germany, USA, Korea. And also note about the warranty regimes so that we can handle it promptly and quickly if problems arise.

Hopefully the information Miss Tram Academy shared in this article will be useful for the process of choosing a tattoo sprayer that is right for you. If you want to add more information, don't hesitate to comment below this post!

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

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