What KTV Needs to Pay Attention to If You Want Lips to Shave On Time & Thin Scales

[Q-A] What KTV Needs to Pay Attention to If You Want Lips to Shave on Standard Time & Thin Scales

The requirement of the KTV is not only to make the lips a standard color, but also to make the lips peel properly WOMEN STANDARD time and flakes must be thin again.

So what's the point of this case? Anyone know the secret? Share the information with everyone in the comment section below.

And here is Miss Tram's experience:

The reason we need lips to quickly scab and flake off is because then the lip color is FRESH, Glossy and not dry because the lips are less damaged.

To do so, while spraying will pay attention:

  • The hand force and the depth of the needle must be even, DO NOT lift the needle and the needles must be close together.
  • Each needle position extends the length of the needle about 6-8mm, the depth of the needle into the skin is about 0.2-0.3mm, go back and forth about 3-4 times and then move to a new position. If the needle is too deep, it will bleed, make the lips difficult to eat, swollen and bruised.
  • The speed of the needle when spraying the lips must be slow to give the ink time to soak into the skin, any part of the spray must eat the color right away.
  • Should spray all 1 turn and then wipe the ink gently glide over to check the caustic color, not bleeding, then adjust the hand force, speed and needle depth. Avoid the state of going all the lips to know that the lips do not eat color, have to go back and forth many times, the lips will be damaged.

These notes are not difficult, but carefully, everyone should NOTE or Share on the wall to remind themselves every day. Wish you good practice and create more BEAUTIFUL WORKS ah!

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