Catching New Makeup Trends At Fall-Winter Fashion Week Tuần

On the catwalks of London Fashion Week, you not only encounter new fashion collections of world famous fashion brands. This is also an opportunity to help you discover what makeup trends are expected to become "hot trends" this year. And in this year's Fall - Winter fashion week, which makeup trends will appear? And Miss Tram Academy Go find the answer.

Catching New Makeup Trends At Fall-Winter Fashion Week Tuần

1. Breakthrough of ombre lips

In the collection of designer Matty Bovan, the viewer's attention is not only because of the unique beautiful outfits but also the makeup of the models that also attract the eyes of everyone. Talking about the ombre lip makeup style will not be surprising, but the special feature is the new and very successful color scheme when giving a completely new look to this version – ombre lip gloss. sexy.

The makeup artist has combined a neon color in the center of the lips right on the dark lipstick background, creating a special effect. And the breakthrough culminates when subtly applying a layer of lip gloss outside.

If you are too familiar with normal makeup, do not hesitate to try this style right away. You will be the center of attention at any party.

2. Drunk rosy cheeks

The beautiful girls of Jamie Wei Huang's house have made many people ecstatic by their wild but poetic beauty. With curly curly hair, combined with makeup with rosy cheeks that many people call "drunk" cheeks and added fake freckles, all attention is focused on freshness. young and full of their vitality.

The special feature breaks all the rules of blushing that you know from before when the makeup artist has applied a layer of blush extending from the cheeks to the jawline. This is what makes the model attractive.

If you want to change your makeup style, then this is one of the interesting suggestions for you. With a beauty like waking up at dawn or being drunk, it can capture the hearts of many opposites. This style of makeup also makes guys want to protect you, because you look so fragile and gentle.

3. Teal blue eyeshadow

Forget the classic black smokey eye color, this is when you should choose a brighter, more prominent smoky eye color and the color mentioned here is teal. black). Designer House of Holland has proven that bright eye makeup will continue to be a big makeup trend this year. Teal eyeshadow is applied all over the eyelids starting from the eyebrows to the upper lash line and around the lower lash line for a simple but attractive look.

With makeup trends blossoming throughout this year, models' foundation is minimized, highlighting regal, aristocratic teal blue eyes.

If you are looking for a new eye makeup style, this is a great choice. You don't have to spend too much effort for a perfect foundation but just focus with this teal blue eyeshadow palette, all eyes will have to be on you.

4. The return of the classic cat's eye

Makeup artist and hairstylist from designer Erdem brought the cat-eye craze back this year and helped set it up for a big break. The makeup artist drew noble cat eyes through bold and thick eyeliner, combined with neatly sprayed hair. Create a chic and cool look. No fuss in lip makeup or perfect foundation, all are kept the most natural look of the model and only focus on the classic cat eyes.

If you also pursue a cool and luxurious makeup style, do not hesitate to try this makeup style right away.

5. Sparkling eyes with water color

No longer using ordinary eyeshadow palettes, makeup artist Isamaya Ffbler used watercolors to paint delicate lines on the model's eyelids in Halpern's collection.

New makeup trends

Superimposed on those lines are gold-plated plates that sparkle like dancing on the face, creating a special highlight. And using watercolor eye makeup is expected to usurp the eyeshadow palettes that have existed for a long time. And if you want to try this style right away, don't hesitate to buy yourself some of these watercolor boxes.

6. The corners of the eyes are winged

Designer Alexa Chung's collection is even more noticeable when performed by models with poetic beauty as if stepping out of paintings. With the eyes applied a layer of matte makeup and then gradually painted into wings. Create a special highlight for the eyes. With gentle makeup lips, smooth like flowers on clear, shiny skin.

New makeup trends

If you are a girl who loves romance and sweetness, this is a great suggestion for you. Your beauty will be absolutely enhanced.

Discovering new makeup trends not only helps you keep up with the new trends of the times, but also helps you find new makeup styles that suit you better. Don't frame what is available, try once to get out of those ruts and maybe it's what makes you more beautiful.

And don't forget to follow up regularly Miss Tram Academy Stay tuned for the latest beauty trends!


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