Should You Go To Spa, Hairdressing Or Nail School Now 1

Should You Go To Spa, Hairdressing Or Nail School Today

Do you love to beautify as well as bring beauty to others? Would you like to work in this field? However, you are still wondering whether to go to spa, hairdressing or nail school to get the growth and increase your income and match the actual needs today. Then together Miss Tram Academy Find the answer with the article below.

Should I Go to a Hairdressing or Nail Spa School Today

1. Spa concept, Hairdressing, Nail and growth

  • What is a spa profession?

According to the definition of the World Spa Association, spa includes all therapies that bring energy balance to the body and soul, bring mental relaxation, improve health and enhance beauty.

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If in the past, spa was a luxury concept only for the elite, today, the market segment has expanded to other classes, for all subjects, regardless of gender, age and occupation. Specifically, the annual revenue is estimated at 94 billion USD and increasing by 7,7% per year. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in the Asia Pacific region, where the spa development rate is the highest in the world.

  • What is hairdressing? 

Hairdressing is roughly understood as all hair-related services, that is, providing hair cutting and styling services: perm, straightening, dyeing, etc. to customers in order to bring beauty to their hair.

Should I study beauty?

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Hairdressing in recent years has developed very rapidly. Every year, thousands of salons are opened to meet the needs of customers. Because all subjects, men and women, large and small, have the need to do and take care of their hair. Therefore, the hairdressing profession will continue to grow strongly in the coming years.

  • What is Nail Profession?

The word Nail in English, translated into Vietnamese means "manicure, toenail". Accordingly, the nail profession is understood as the profession of nail art, providing beauty services specializing in pedicure and nail care such as manicure, pedicure, nail polish and nail decoration.

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Nail art was first developed in the US, of which 40% is owned by Vietnamese people. To this day, the nail industry has developed around the world and Vietnam is no exception. Manicure started with the purpose of beautifying women's nails, but now, men are also starting to pay attention to their nails. 

+ Note: Transmission of Tattooing, Embroidery, Aesthetic Sculpture

2. Growth opportunities between Spa, Hairdressing and Nail

As society becomes more and more modern and developed, the need to be taken care of, perfected and beautified for one's appearance also becomes greater. If before, on every holiday, New Year, people just started to have the need to beautify to go out, now it has become a permanent daily need.

Should I go to a spa to do hair or nails?

Therefore, the opportunity for employment and development with all these three occupations is very high. Those are all very hot and popular professions. So, if you really love it, then boldly choose a suitable course to work with your hobby. In particular, whether you are male or female, once you have a passion for the beauty industry in general, the 3 professions as mentioned in particular, you can completely choose and succeed with your decision.

3. Should choose Spa, Hairdressing or Nail

As the analysis above, these are all occupations that will have strong growth in the future, bringing you a "huge" income. However, working in the beauty industry, such as spa, hairdressing or nail art, are professions related to beauty, providing services, and taking care of customers.

Therefore, prioritize choosing a career that you feel you have passion and love for that profession. Because during the learning process as well as working, you will have to regularly practice and repeat the familiar movements until you are proficient. This will make you feel bored and if you do not have enough determination, it is easy to give up halfway.

Should I go to a spa to do hair or nails?

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In addition, choosing the right career that you have passion and aptitude for, your learning process will be much easier and more convenient, and success will also come easier.

However, not everyone can make decisions for themselves, as well as understand what they are really gifted and strong in. In case you feel confused, the advice of Miss Tram VietNam That is, choose reputable training centers and institutions in these 3 fields for reference. There, experts will listen to your sharing, then analyze your desires, strengths, weaknesses, ... and will give you advice. From there, you can make the best choice for you.

After making your own decision, try to study and practice diligently to master the theoretical and practical knowledge to achieve the success you desire.

Here are a few things that Miss Tram Academy want to share with you. Hope this article has helped answer some of your questions and concerns. Be bold enough to follow your passion and you will reap the rewards of that passion.

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