Should You Learn Spa Or Makeup? What Job Has A Future
Should You Learn Spa Or Makeup? What Job Has A Future

Should I Study Spa or Makeup? Which Profession Has More Future?

The beauty field is growing with high recruitment demand, good income and compensation, so it attracts many people to join. Among them, two hot industries to mention are spa and makeup. So Should I study Spa or Makeup?? Which profession has more job opportunities and future? Let's explore now!

Miss Tram trains prestigious beauty spa profession
Miss Tram trains prestigious beauty spa profession

About Spa And Makeup Profession

Spa and makeup are services aimed at changing the appearance and appearance of customers, making them more beautiful and confident in all situations. Each profession has its own characteristics and requirements as follows: 

Spa profession Make-up (makeup artist)
Job description  – Includes jobs related to beauty and health care.

- Popular services: skin care, nail care, eyebrow tattooing... 

– Focus on improving facial beauty “instantly” through makeup tricks with powder, lipstick, eyebrow pencil… to bring the most perfect appearance to customers.

– Popular services: party makeup – events, daily makeup, bridal makeup… 

Work environment  Fixed working environment at spa, beauty salon... in airy and clean room space.  Flexible working environment, in many locations such as film studio, wedding party, beauty salon, at home... 
Working time Working time is fixed according to each time frame regulated by the spa. Busy time on weekends or public holidays.  Flexible working time, depending on the desired time frame (sometimes have to work late at night, on weekends, on New Year holidays).
Starting Income Spa technicians about 7.000.000 - 15.000.000 VND.  Makeup artist at wedding dress shop, studio about: 8.000.000 - 12.000.000 VND
Work pressure  – Ensure precise workmanship and attention when working because it directly affects the health and appearance of customers in the long run. 

- Requires good health to perform tasks that require manual force, maintaining performance when working for a long time, overtime...

- Ability to skillfully handle arising situations. 

– Moving to many places, staying up late, getting up early… affects personal activities and health.

Flexible handling according to customer requirements, willing to receive positive and negative feedback with a market-oriented attitude.

- Ability to eliminate quickly if not creative, proactive in cultivating skills, updating makeup trends... 

Growth potential – Start as a spa technician, then upgrade to spa specialist, spa manager, technician team leader…

If you have enough capital and experience, you can open your own spa or vocational training center.

– Become a freelance makeup artist, working for studios, wedding dress shops…

– Beauty blogger for makeup. 

- Consultant at cosmetic showrooms. 

– Open a makeup training center, open a private studio… 

Vocational training time The basic spa courses in each area such as massage, tattoo spray - sculpting, skin care ... the time is about 2 - 3 months / 1 course, and the advanced is usually 3 - 6 months. The makeup training route is from 3 to 6 months and needs another 5-6 months to practice skills and accumulate practical experience.

Should I Learn Spa Or Makeup?

Choosing a spa or makeup apprenticeship depends on an individual's interests, talents, and career goals. With the above analysis and comparison, everyone must have made their own choice.

If you are interested in taking care of your appearance, improving your long-term health and sustainability, you should choose to study spa. If you still love to be creative with makeup layouts to transform your face into a more beautiful face, makeup work will be suitable for you.

Should I Learn Spa Or Makeup?
Should I Learn Spa Or Makeup?

In terms of job opportunities, each profession has its own advantages, which may change according to the market, but certainly, these are two industries that have the potential to thrive in the future when the quality of life is increasingly improved. improve.

Standing between two attractive options, don't make a hasty decision but carefully analyze your interests, personality, personal capabilities (gifts, knowledge, etc.), market needs, future orientation and obstacles. fear of work... From there determine whether to choose spa or makeup.

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Suitable Subjects For Spa And Makeup Apprenticeship

Makeup and spa professions have no gender barriers. Both men and women can pursue the industry if they have passion, perseverance and effort. In fact, many of the leading experts in these two fields are men and women, so opportunities for advancement and development are equally distributed for both sexes.

Suitable Subjects For Spa And Makeup Apprenticeship
Suitable Subjects For Spa And Makeup Apprenticeship

Although the above two jobs do not require a university degree or a certificate in foreign languages ​​or computer science, to be successful in this field, you need to have a love of beauty, a sense of body care and a desire to support Help others become more beautiful. Because only New passion helps you go far and stick with the profession for a long time.

Hope the article Should You Learn Spa Or Makeup? What Career Has A Future will help you with more information to choose a career in the future. See more useful articles about the beauty industry on our website!

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