Skin Care Profession How Much?
Skin Care Profession How Much?

Skin Care Profession How Much?

Skin care is considered a promising career today with the ability to find jobs easily and open development opportunities. However, those who intend to follow the profession often wonder how much the salary is received per month, is it worth choosing or not?

With this article, let's Miss Tram Academy Learn about skin technician earnings as well as effective earning tips.

Learn skin care
Learn skin care

What Do Skincare Professions Do?

The primary responsibilities of a skin care worker typically include:

  • Test – assess skin type, skin condition of customers.
  • Consulting – persuading customers to use the right service for their skin.
  • Perform skin care techniques, skin treatments.
  • Advising on how to take care of skin, skin care products at home for customers.

In addition, now skin care staff can also take on other jobs such as professional massage, body care, eyelash extensions, tattoo spray ... (if trained).

Salaries Skin Care Workers Can Get

Income from the skin care profession is calculated from many accounts and sources - creating an attractive salary for those who really have good skills, professional service skills...

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Typically, a skin care worker's salary will include:

  • Fixed salary: fixed salary per month (except for the case of salary increase - decrease).
  • Commission salary: salary is calculated based on sales; The sharing ratio is determined by the employee and the establishment owner.
  • Tip: If the customer is satisfied with the quality of service, they will tip the staff.
  • KPI bonus, year-end bonus: the amount employees receive if they meet or exceed KPIs.
  • Tet bonus, 13th month salary bonus.

Salary of Skincare Profession

In general, skin care workers today have salaries ranging from 7 to 15 million dong, depending on the job position. For newcomers, this is considered an attractive and desirable salary.

In case employees have more than 2 years of experience and good job skills: salary can range from 20-30 million VND/month. With more seniority (5-10 years of experience), income can be up to tens of millions of dong through practicing, opening vocational training courses, working in vocational training institutions.

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There are many factors that affect the monthly salary of a skin care worker, the main of which are:

  • Workplace: Large spas and beauty salons often pay higher salaries for employees; However, this means that the recruitment requirements will also be higher. The salary of skin care profession has a difference between urban and rural areas. Spas in small towns and rural areas will pay lower salaries for employees than spas in big cities such as Saigon, Hanoi, and Can Tho.
  • Skill: skilled skin care workers who satisfy customers can receive higher salaries than young skilled workers.
  • Experience: Experience is also a factor affecting the salary of skin care workers. Professional technicians with many years of experience are often highly appreciated by employers and prioritize higher salaries.
    Flexibility: Skin care technicians with flexible, diverse skills will also have the opportunity to receive higher salaries.

Tips to Increase Skincare Income

To improve income levels, skin care technicians can apply the following experiences:

  • Practice fluent communication skills to easily approach, lead and persuade customers to use products/services.
  • Knowing English is an advantage; especially with skin care technicians working in big cities.
  • Learn more beauty skills: eyelash extensions, tattoo spray, massage...
  • Look for a reputable place to work for more growth opportunities.

Miss Tram Academy – Prestigious Skin Care Training HCM

To get started with this profession, you first need to find a reputable apprenticeship place – with experience, expertise and enthusiasm. Miss Tram Academy is proud to be one of the leading beauty training centers today, trusted by many students near and far.

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choose Skin care course At Miss Tram Academy, students are committed to clear interests:

  • Directly teaching classes are experts, famous instructors in the skin care training industry.
  • Hand-held training just work, learn wherever you can.
  • Continuous practice on models and real samples; practice rate accounts for 80% of the whole course time; sponsored free samples.
  • Fully equipped facilities, serving the best training quality.
  • Affordable tuition, regularly updated incentive programs.
  • Convey practical professional experiences to students: soft skills for customer care, secrets of spa opening...

Above is the information about skin care worker salary Currently. Hopefully the article has helped you better understand this issue and easily give the right career direction. Contact now with Miss Tram Academy If you have a need to learn a reputable and professional skin care course.

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