Beauty Tattoos Needing More than 10 Thousand Manpower 2

Beauty Tattoos Need More Than 10 Thousand Manpower

Along with the status of society, beauty is increasingly focused. In which cosmetic methods of tattooing and shaping are more focused and replicated in the community.

With a stable monthly income, tattooing is a trendy trend. But at the same time, there is a shortage of human resources in the industry. Currently, the industry is on a development path that has not yet reached saturation because the demand for self-made beauty and hobbies is increasing sharply.

Beauty Tattoos Needing More than 10 Thousand Manpower 3

The average income of a person doing cosmetic tattooing is from 10-20 million VND/month, even up to hundreds of millions of VND/month for those who have strong expertise.

At the 2018 International Cosmetic Tattoo Congress held on March 24.3 in Hanoi, Dr. Pham Xuan Khanh- Rector of Hanoi High-Tech Vocational College, Vice President of Vietnam Association of Beauty Training and Development said that in Vietnam, every year there are up to 2000 spa, beauty salon is opened.

Because of that, this industry is in need of about 10.000 cosmetic tattoo workers to meet the demand.

With low investment costs, tattoo spray industry is considered as a "silver-making" profession today. The average income of a person doing this job is from 10-20 million VND/month, it can even be up to hundreds of millions of VND for those with strong expertise. That shows that the beauty needs of women are very great.

Currently, the trend of tattooing eyebrows, eyes, lips, tattoo art is increasingly popular. Cosmetic tattooing becomes a form make up long-term, helping women improve their beauty without having to spend a lot of time in makeup.

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More and more women are looking to tattoo to beautify their eyes, lips, and imperfect eyebrows. Therefore, the need to find and recruit talents in this field is increasingly strong and offers many job opportunities with high income without hard work.

However, the Rector of Hanoi High-Tech Vocational College also said that the development of beauty service providers and beauty training institutions is still arbitrary, lacking quality management, lack of occupational safety and hygiene, no separate regulations for establishment. This can bring people with beauty needs certain risks.

“Therefore, when tattooing, you should go to reputable, highly skilled cosmetology facilities, and request sterilization of tools, change tattoo needles, etc., so that the beauty process can achieve the desired effect. , while avoiding possible risks "- Mr. Khanh gave advice. 

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