Recognizing Skin Allergies Cosmetics & Treatments 1

Recognizing Skin Allergies Cosmetics & Treatments

Recognizing signs cosmetic allergy What is that? Most of us think that the skin has a red, raised rash after using strange cosmetics is an allergic phenomenon. This is true but it is not enough, because cosmetic allergies have many diverse manifestations that make us unexpected, it is possible that after each episode of cosmetic allergies, you may have melasma and melasma treatment It's really not easy. Let's Miss Tram Academy Learn about these symptoms.

How to Identify Allergic Skin Cosmetics and Treatments

1. Signs of skin allergy to cosmetics

Cosmetic allergy It is not uncommon, because the composition of these products is very diverse, and it is difficult to avoid compounds that are incompatible with the skin. When the ingredients in cosmetics are not accepted by the skin, the immune system reacts and the skin begins to show "attitude".

Dermatologists say that skin allergies are contact dermatitis, which can arise within minutes of exposure to a foreign substance, or take days or even weeks for these irritations to develop. . Although classified as contact dermatitis, cosmetic allergies are limited to the extent of impact on the skin and do not cause negative health effects.

What is cosmetic allergy skin?

Cosmetic allergies cause many problems on the face

Usually, the most recognizable sign of an allergy when using a certain cosmetic is itching in some areas of the skin (sometimes all over the face), redness or even swelling (in severe cases). Some people also have tiny red bumps that look like acne but are filled with fluid (blisters) on the cheeks, around the corners of the nose, mouth and chin, accompanied by an uncomfortable itching.

However, this is not all that cosmetic allergies cause. Because we can experience symptoms such as goosebumps, dry skin even though we still apply moisturizing methods every day.

For the traditional signs of allergy, you will easily recognize, but for the following 2 cases, not everyone knows. And so accidentally causing the skin to not be treated in time by constantly loading a lot of inappropriate substances.

+ Note: Do you know what skin type you are? From there determining the skin type, you can classify and use cosmetics that are suitable for your skin, without allergies or unwanted side effects. If you do not know, you can complete the following skin test, after the test you will have the results of your skin type with the information and indicators you answered and provided:

2. Care and treatment of skin with cosmetic allergies

In skin care with cosmetic allergies, we need to understand the mechanism of this condition. If mild, itchy, and slightly reddened skin is observed, the condition will clear up on its own in about 48 hours. However, if the skin is swollen and full, inflammatory acneIf you are severely dry, you need to quickly soothe the skin. Dry skin areas can be applied with Aquaphor, helping to create a protective film to keep the skin moist.

How to recognize cosmetic allergy skin?

Aquaphor can be used on dry skin

In addition, conduct detoxification procedures, helping the skin to remove all residues of allergens remaining on the skin. Currently, one of the most effective cosmetic methods of alleviating corticosteroid allergy symptoms is a rice bran mask. You can apply it to customers once a week.

In addition, depending on the situation, we run an anti-allergy serum or shine blue light. During the course of treatment, it is necessary to closely monitor the reactions to evaluate the effectiveness, if the first time gives good results, it should continue until the skin is completely healed.

+ Note: Why detox the skin? do you know If your skin wants to be healthy and bright, it must detoxify the skin, eliminate all toxins and residues in the skin, then your skin will become healthy and shiny.

What should be noted for allergic skin cosmetics?

Should carry out detoxification for the skin

In parallel with the treatment at the Spa, we must note that the customer performs well at home care steps. The first thing to note is to immediately stop using skin care products, cosmetics or makeup products. At this time, the skin must be completely rested to be able to restore the damaged layer of cells.

Facial skin with cosmetic allergies needs to be deeply cleaned, avoiding exposure to sunlight, dirt or pollutants in the environment on a daily basis. Therefore, people with allergies must carefully cover every time they go out, absolutely do not touch their face with their hands or scratch the itchy skin because it is easy to create scars.

For the skin to recover quickly, diet and daily activities are extremely important. It should be noted that guests drink a lot of water, eat green fruits and vegetables to supplement nutrients. When we have allergies, we must not stress because this factor will make the condition last longer, the treatment effect is not good.

The sharing of Miss Tram Academy hopes to be useful to you. Wish you always have a healthy skin!

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