Melasma And Things To Know About Hormonal Disorders 1

Melasma And What You Need To Know About Hormonal Disorders

Melasma is something no one wants to think about, happens in both men and women, affecting aesthetics. There are 2 main types Melasma , and Endocrine melasma (deep foot). Today, KTV friends, let's learn about this type of melasma with Miss Tram to have a suitable treatment method for customers.

Endocrine melasma is formed due to an endocrine disorder that causes the hormones in the body to be out of balance, thereby creating hyperpigmented spots on the skin.

hormonal melasma

Melasma and Things to Know About Melasma Caused by Hormonal Disorders

1. Causes of hormonal pigmentation in the body

  • Women who are pregnant or after giving birth.
  • Women in menopause and perimenopause.
  • Using progestin-containing birth control pills, or irregular periods.
  • Stress, stress for a long time affecting the brain's activity will also lead to disturbances in the production of estrogen and a number of other hormones that facilitate the formation of melasma.

2. Manifestations of hormonal melasma

  • Shape: dark brown spots, when looking at the light, the central points have many pigment cells, large and small sizes intermingled.
  • Location: 2 sides of cheekbones, forehead, temples, can move to neighboring locations if not treated promptly.

How to treat hormonal melasma: Combine the treatment of the cause with the treatment of symptoms.

  • Treat the cause: balance the hormone in the body through taking medicine or setting up a diet as prescribed by a specialist.
  • Symptomatic treatment: treatment with Laser Yag technology combines with specific treatment products to inhibit melanin production.
  • Always keep the state, optimistic spirit, avoid stress and fatigue, healthy diet and exercise.

With the above information, it will help the spa specialist to better understand the skin pigmentation condition as well as give advice, make a suitable treatment regimen for customers, wish everyone a successful application!

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