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Customers Should Not Connect Eyelashes

Advice on Beauty Methods For Customers Who Can't Extend Eyelashes

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To have deep, sharp eyes without spending a lot of time on makeup, many women have choose the method of eyelash extensions to shorten the beauty path for "soul window". However, not everyone can do this method, because there are both subjective and objective factors as follows:

  • Customers can not connect eyelashes because the eyelashes are too weak, badly damaged by too much makeup or caused by environmental factors.
  • Eyes are sensitive to ingredients in eyelash extension glue, polyester (false eyelash material).

So if the customer CANNOT CONNECT MI, how should KTV advise on beauty?

In this case, KTV should advise customers to beautify with natural products instead of eyelash extensions to ensure safety and aesthetics for customers.

We can advise customers to apply the following 3 ways to maintain long and thick eyelashes:

  • If you want to have long and thick eyelashes, take some olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on your eyelashes before going to bed. Using a cotton swab to brush on eyelashes like applying mascara will be very effective because coconut oil and olive oil have a very good effect on hair and eyelashes, the effect will be visible after 1-3 weeks.
  • Green tea can also be used for eyelashes, the caffeine and flavonoids found in green tea will help maintain the growth of existing eyelashes and stimulate new eyelash growth. It is recommended to brew 1 cup of tea to cool and use a cotton ball / cotton ball to apply the tea water on the eyelashes to achieve the desired effect.
  • In addition to natural long eyelashes Using Vitamin E, not only does it treat skin imperfections, but it also helps eyelashes grow thicker.

Hopefully, the above knowledge has helped students gain more experience in consulting and handling situations with integrity for each customer.

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