Common Mistakes When Spraying Eyebrow Embroidery 1

Common Mistakes When Spraying Eyebrow Embroidery

Some common mistakes when tattooing eyebrows

Cosmetic embroidery according to modern technology can give customers beautiful natural eyebrows, lines that are in harmony with the face. However, if you are new to the profession, it is not guaranteed that 100% of the cases will give the most perfect results. And in fact, eyebrow embroidery still has the possibility of certain errors. So what are those errors, how to fix them? Miss Tram Academy will help you have more useful experiences about Common mistakes when tattooing eyebrows via the article below.

Learn some common mistakes when tattooing eyebrows
Learn some common mistakes when tattooing eyebrows

A beautiful eyebrow is not only trendy but must have colors and lines that are in harmony with the face, looking natural. Only then can we ensure the integrity of the aesthetic and anthropological elements. When these factors are met, customers will be more satisfied and even the implementer himself feels happy at a beautiful result.

To eyebrow embroidery To be successful, bring the expected results, we must meet the following criteria:

  • Master the technique for each method of embroidery
  • Understand the structure and characteristics of tattoo sprayers
  • The force of the needle can be regulated
  • Understand the characteristics of tattoo ink, choose the ink with the right color and guaranteed quality
  • Shaping the eyebrows to suit the customer's face
  • Take the needle in the correct form

Although any KTV is trained in embroidery techniques, it is difficult to avoid mistakes in the implementation process, especially for those who are new to the profession. At that time, eyebrow embroidery may occur in the following situations:

Eyebrows turn out of color
Eyebrows turn out of color
  1. Eyebrows turn out of color

Eyebrows turned red

This is the phenomenon that after the embroidery is finished, the eyebrows will not be colored as standard, but will turn to a more red tone. According to Miss Tram Academy experts, this case may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Due to bad ink color, the ink contains metal or other impurities
  • During the tinting process, you gave a high percentage of brown
  • Needle force goes unevenly, spray is too light
  • Eyebrows are turning blue

Eyebrows fall blue

Similar to the above case, the eyebrow after embroidery is out of tone and tends to turn blue. This error is caused by the following factors:

  • It is possible that the ink color used is not of good quality
  • Black ratio mixed in much
  • KTV needles for too long, causing the ink to sink under the skin, creating the feeling of blue eyebrows


For cases where the color turns red or blue, the auditor should carefully note the following points:

  • When walking, the frame must be sharp, the tattoo needle on the skin should only be about 0,05mm . deep
  • Need to align the needle line to follow the drawn line, neither in nor out

At the same time, we also have our own way of handling each error case as follows:

  • If the eyebrows are red or too dark, use a special red ink (with a slightly mossy base) usually HS-3 to return the skin to its original color. After red treatment and black-brown border, we will conduct a new spray with dark brown tones.
  • If you have dark green, you should use specialized green ink (with a lot of brown roots), if it is less green, use HS-3 to handle it. Next, you will outline the frame in dark brown for sharpness and then proceed to spray the natural brown color until the eyebrows are beautiful. Note that you should not use brown with black roots to handle it because it can make the condition worse.

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Error can't format eyebrows
Error can't format eyebrows
  1. Can't format eyebrows

Besides the phenomenon of color fading, not being able to shape the eyebrow shape is also one of the common mistakes when spraying eyebrow embroidery. When you finish cleaning the ink without clearly seeing the frame, it is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Needle force goes too light
  • The eyebrow line is not definitive, before it did not create sharpness

In order to prevent this from happening, during the procedure you need to align the force of the needle entering the skin with a depth of about 0,5mm, as well as follow the previous line drawn, should not encroach or indent.

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  1. Eyebrows are colored but uneven, dark side and light side

The uneven color of the eyebrows is mainly due to the color mixing process you do not stir carefully, causing the ink to not completely dissolve. In addition, if the needle technique is weak, it will not be able to create a definitive level for the ink to adhere to the skin.

In the case of eyebrows on the dark side, the light side is due to the alignment of the needles on both sides of the eyebrows, which is not corresponding, one side is fast, the other side is longer. To handle this situation, you can use specialized ink to lower the tone of the dark eyebrow or use the corresponding ink to darken the lighter side.

Some experiences of Miss Tram Academy Hope the above has provided you with a lot of useful information. Hope you are succesful.

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